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B is for Blog Newbie

Computer mouseI have the reputation of a coward. Among my family and friends who know me well, it’s understood that I don’t have the courage of a mouse on Meth. I’m not just afraid of the dark – I’m afraid of the tunnel with light glowing at its end. Some of my worst fears have to do with mechanical, technical, and digital tasks. Assign me one of those and I’m ready to sign any and all confessions, just don’t make me tackle that job. I fear the knobs and buttons that if wrongly pushed will drop me in the sinkhole below China, especially if the knobs and buttons are icons on a computer screen. Those things terrorize me the most. I might be forever drifting on an unsaved page or trapped in the netherworld of lost passwords.

I am what’s known as a Digital Immigrant, Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha is part of the title, like LLP might dangle after the business name, Simon and Green, Accountants, LLP. (For efficiency’s sake, I’ll refer to Digital Immigrant as DI.) After all, I was born in the last century. Don’t snort at my bad joke. You may have been born in the last century as well, but just think: everyone born since 2000 is a Digital Native, or DN. Thirteen-year-olds are likely more proficient with a computer than I will ever be. So you can imagine the loud guffaws from my wise family when I announced that I was going to create a writer’s blog.

DI uses the computer for the obvious purpose – it’s the virtual graphite on the end of the Dixon Ticonderoga HTTP, and she is a writer. DI launches her own blog (dreamer.) I wonder what happens if I click on that? Oh crap! DI crashes the computer. DI is on the prowl for computer help. I beg of you, please stop laughing and help me out here. The DN finds me an endless source of computer humor because I know little more than how to open a new document. Any teenagers in the house?

I’ve discovered that trying to manage my own blog site when I have the technical intuition of a newt is like sifting seaweed out of the ocean with a sieve. Barely doable, mostly a failure. WordPress is the management system for my blog. I function at its pleasure like a pop-eyed fan hoping for a sweaty shirt thrown from the stage during a concert.  Throw me a clue, WordPress, show me how to navigate your site. While other bloggers know what to click and what to double click, I’m a fumbler at every feature on the way to posting articles, comments, and images. Any successful post you read on my site – either my son or my good friend J uploaded them. I watched but the process is still not clear to me. I need lots of practice, like a novice heart surgeon needs a patient patient. Neither of us is likely to get a lot of volunteers.

So please be patient with me as I grow Ink Flare. My writing skills and insights are decent (so my mom says) but my computer technology is a work in process. You will see mistakes as I learn to post, edit, insert images, reply, attach, acknowledge contributors. Don’t hesitate to point out the errors. If you want to offer a solution, I’m all ears, eyes, and thumbs, eager to try harder. I won’t give up. My dreams are big and I’m positive light will shine at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve got a colander and I’m off to collect moonlight to light up my tunnel.

Comments on: "B is for Blog Newbie" (18)

  1. I, for one, am impressed by your site. Look, you even have an animated mouse. Fierce! Then again, I am old enough that I learned to type on the typewriter, not an electric one, mind you, but the sort you push each button down hard, and your letters on the paper varied in their intensity as a result of your pressure! You will do fine! Have you tried WordPress support team? They are very helpful (if you can find your way to the place you ask for help!).


    • Thank you, Joan, I appreciate your support. I also learned to type on an old fashioned type writer, so badly that one of my college profs asked me to please not type any more of my papers, though the writing itself was good. Ha ha ha! I have some tech support that’s wonderful but he no longer lives at our house. He grew up and moved to his own with his family, but my son remains a wonderful assistant, when he has time. I do need to learn to manage all this techie biz on my own. Getting there slowly.
      I’m enjoying your site as well – you’re very inspirational.


  2. Truefinds said:

    You are obviously no coward.


  3. You’re hilarious. And you’re doing great! It hasn’t escaped my notice that you’re the only one in our Blogging Class that has gotten her/his blog up and running with gusto. You’re my success story.


    • Glad you’re laughing, Jacqui. I’m trying to work in advance. Things might shift a bit with the other new things in my life. We’ll see. Thanks for all your support. You also get bragging rights.


  4. Oh, my, I have you bookmarked! How insane, wonderful and exotic to know others who actually learned to type on actual typewriters! I feel right at home.


    • Did I tell you that I learned to write by scraping my mammoth bone stylus into slabs of damp clay? I was the best in my class, natch. My mom always proudly hung my latest work on the cave wall. Typing just seems so modern.


  5. Phyllis Markey said:

    I really and truly love the way you write….it’s always a delight!!!  Love the way intelligent people come out of their imaginary shells to explode into the written word….   Love you,   sistah Phyl



  6. Are you kidding me? If you want to see elementary, stop over on my site. I’m four months in and a mess of a situation. I haven’t slept in months trying to figure out what words like widget, pingback, ect mean. What a mess I am. You’ve got it covered! Come by and let me know what you think of my abilities…you’ll sleep better tonight. 😀 Blessings!


    • You are funny! Thank you for the sweet comments. I know what a widget is but not a pingback. Just as soon as I figure out what it is, someone will have invented another new item, a nittlepop or a doofergled and I’ll be lost again.
      I will definitely stop by to meet you on your own turf. By the way, I’m also the oldest daughter and a sister tho not a redhead.


  7. Well there you have it, we’re meant to be blogging buddies! Please tell me the nittlepop brigade is a few months out yet… Ha! I’ve got work to do yet.


    • You know some 14-year-old techie genius is out there right now creating some new app he’s gonna call a nittlepop. And yes, I’m very glad to be blog buddies with you. Your site is very funny AND thoughtful.


  8. Thanks! Can’t wait to hear how a poor little eucalyptus forest becomes less than cute. 😉 Techie genius…stop right there!


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