Sparked by Words

Sand Sculpture



If we lie on the beach, reach through froth

press into sand as our bodies crush each into other

the bowls made by our hips gather seeped ocean

edges rise like glass battlements piercing sky

and promises string salty tears across our backs


When we finally stand to leave, shake off foam

waves sneak up and, lobbing salty spit, rush back

washing away the sculpted stamp of our bodies

does the first carving of sand made of us tell the truth

or is it the ruined print after the wave recedes to sea


I do not know how far to horizon will wane the tide

how long the sand will repose from brine and tears

all I know is to marshal grains, impress our forms

and begin to rebuild the battlements of our union

because it’s what we do, we gather ourselves again



Beach image, public domain


Comments on: "Sand Sculpture" (26)

  1. An artist, a writer, and a poet. How did I not know how good you were at that last? This is why we need a monthly coffee.


    • Thank you for the compliment, Jacqui. I’ve never considered myself much of a poet, but I’m sometimes moved to try the genre.
      And I don’t need much motivation for a coffee chat.


  2. Ah, a poem after my own heart. Nicely done. Hope there are more in the future.


  3. WOWEEEEEEEEEEEE ZOWEEEEEEEEE! Fantabulous! Wadda ya mean you’re not a poet? If you aren’t a poet then do not post anymore powerful poetry to disprove what you believe and take this post down immediately.


    • Thank you, Judy, but poetry isn’t my metier. I’ll begin to write a poem and then let it ferment for about a year or more, go back and edit, add, revise, then let it ferment a bit longer, and eventually make a final effort before declaring it fine. (that’s fee-nay, but I can’t get the accent to come up.) Sand Sculpture took two years – fifteen lines, two years, molecular progress within the expanding universe. Still, I’m so pleased you like it.


  4. Just because your process is what it is doesn’t negate anything. You are a poet in my “book”. Fermentation is very healthy for our guts and produces tasty repasts.


  5. Oh my, Shari. Lovely. Such determination found in your words. …salty tears across our backs… you write of a strength I’m thankful still exists.
    I never knew. You are full of surprises. I will read this again and again. Your choice of words and the emotion they provide me, a mere reader of poetry, welcomed. Thank you for sharing your poetry here, my friend.


  6. I think you are a poet Sharon. I would say that most of your writing is done with a poetic turn of phrase. This poem is a great reflection on relationships. “does the first carving of sand made of us tell the truth
    or is it the ruined print after the wave recedes to sea.” Fantastic


    • I’d gone for a walk on the beach, as you can imagine, but the poem didn’t start forming until the drive home. I’d been thinking about my marriage (married a very long time) and how the relationship has evolved over the decades, and connected that to the movement of sea and sand. Still, the final evolution of the poem took a bit more than two years. Thank you for the kind comments, Irene, I appreciate your take on the poem.

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  7. the poem reads very well. your first stanza sounds mythic, as if you and your mate, emerging from the surf, were the first humans.


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