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Candles and celebration

Laughter of intimacy

Testament of rites

Crucible of wedding


Bread and festival

Yeast of endearment

Kitchen and hearth

Banquet of home


Spices and mystery

Day routine then eve

Crusts on the floor

Shards of family


Disdain and accusation

Secrecy of deceit

Lies, pleas, revelation

Cleft of the home


Confession and shame

Betrayal of pledge

Dough falls, bitter mold

Ruin of marriage


Regret and apology

Renewal of vows

Rises then a new loaf

Gathering of the clan




Poem in honor of National Poetry Month

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Comments on: "Bread" (13)

  1. You’ve so well described ‘bread’. All the reasons I used to love making bread.


    • Thanks, Jacqui. I didn’t know you used to bake bread. From scratch? It’s such a rewarding experience, making the most basic of foods to share with the ones you love.
      I love the magic of it, adding yeast and watching a glop of sticky dough rise and stretch. Yes, a lot like raising a family.


      • I used to make at least a loaf a week. When my bread-maker broke, I switched to the mixer with a kneading attachment and that worked even better. Then, the hands gave out on me… Sigh.


      • So sorry, that would be a game ender. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread. Who doesn’t run for the butter when they smell it?


  2. Lovely write. Especially liked
    “Crusts on the floor
    Shards of family”

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  3. A great parallel between bread and marriage/family. Yeast of endearment, crusts on the floor, falling dough and new loaf rising – know them all. Beautifully written. This comes at a time when our apprentice baker has won the Qld title and is now going to represent Qld nationally in the bread making competition. I’m crossing my fingers he only experiences the new loaf rising in the next few weeks.


  4. wowza – that’s some poem my friend. So many in this world have to settle for moldy crumbs. Your poem transcends the nuclear family to the world family.


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