Sparked by Words


Tramp with me the prairie, shaft and grain

We’ll mow down the swat-knee grass

Share stalks of brittle wheat between us

Lips kiss, remind our hearts to beat again


Ford with me the river, pool and cascade

We’ll slosh through opaline ripples

Spray unfiltered water along our thighs

Hips touch, we slide and shiver, gasp for air


Climb with me the mountain, cliff and gorge

We’ll bushwhack a cloddy trail

Break live oak limbs that scratch our arms

Bloody wounds, mine into yours into mine


Hike with me the desert, sand and ravine

We’ll roam across arid gullies

Weave spiney ribbons around our heads

Cheeks sore reddened with sun, by wind


Surf with me the ocean, froth and wave

We’ll float on currents far from shore

Bind seaweed between our damp wrists

Ride a waxing swell ashore on our backs


Quest with me new frontier, stars and moon

We’ll explore the trajectory of flight

Orbit bare into milieu of solar dust

Universe small for the breadth of our being



Prairie image courtesy, public domain images

Comments on: "Tramp with Me the Prairie" (21)

  1. A novelist, an artist, and a poet. Good grief, Shari. I can’t keep up with you.

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  2. Lovely write. You took me far away from the bustling city.


  3. Whew! dose me with ice water. If Paul Newman wasn’t dead and George Clooney wasn’t taken I’d be begging them to tramp, ford, climb, hike, surf and quest me . . . . (my fantasy, not yours I suspect)


  4. I miss the high plains of the west. I’m stuck in the lush hills of Tennessee for a while longer.


  5. What a lovely poem, Shari. Stunning images – it quite transported me.


  6. I am so glad I’m not the only one who fell into this deeply sensual excursion across the open country of your soul. Oh Shari, this is fine work. Fine indeed. I’ve forgotten how lovely it is to read true poetic art. Your images melt in my hands and I arrive securely onto your path of choices, leaving me to wonder which one…
    Sigh. Lovely!!


  7. I too fell but it was more than sensual, it is almost erotic. Beautiful images tying man and woman with nature. Love it and love love.


  8. This is gorgeous, Sharon. The rhythm, the flow, the structure, underlying passion–all of it. You go! 🙂


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