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Happy Anniversary to Ink Flare, four years old this week. July 13 to be exact. No cake nor candles, just a big puff of gratitude. My thanks to all of you who read my blog and an extra big thanks to those who comment. You’ve shared your thoughts and your hearts, asked questions (always respectfully, thank you) and offered wonderful solutions to my conundrums.  In a world busier than bee hives in the Hundred Acre Wood, everyone has something else calling their attention. I’m grateful to those of you who are regulars, those who stop by occasionally, and those who read but choose not to comment.

Writing a blog is a solo experience – I usually work early in the morning, like before I’ve gone to bed the night before. The second wind syndrome for me. Hubby is asleep – smart (lonely?) guy – and the owls sometimes alert me to gaze through the windows at the moon. Posting is a crowd affair. You live all over the world and your clocks may tell a different timeline than mine, the seasons perhaps topsy-turvy from mine. Still, the early morning yawn and stretch for most of you.

Blogging is group oriented, more even than books, which tack to particular genres. I read travel, cooking, personal motivation, art, health, spiritual, poetry, political, humor, entertainment, music, science, family oriented, history, cultural, photography, and craft blogs, as do you. And many writing blogs of course. Some of the writers are so young I think they’re blogging instead of doing homework. Lots of us blog instead of doing housework. And many folks blog because they no longer work.

Like any blogger I smile biggest when you talk to and inspire me.

So let me rephrase the opening: Thank you for Ink Flare’s fourth anniversary. I couldn’t have made it without you.



Basque Celebration, Dario do Regoyos, circa 1890


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  1. Happy Anniversary, Shari! ❤

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  2. Four years! Highly impressive, Sharon. Happy blogaversary 🎂🍾🌹🌹🌹

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  3. Congrats, Shari. I am especially proud of you for making this one-year mark. Keep it up!

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  4. Congratulations, Shari. It’s been a true joy being here on Ink Flare with you. You’re a true light in the writing world. ♡

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  5. Congratulations Sharon. Four years and you are still going strong. I appreciate and value both your visits and my visits to you and I hope these will continue into the coming years. I love what you say about homework. I sometimes feel that blogging, for me, can become a cop out for the writing which is my main purpose. People, like you, the blogging community hooks you. It is so important and takes you away from what has to be a solitary pursuit. Anyway, I’m glad to have been part of your four years.

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  6. Happy Blogoversary! Four years is quite an achievement for anyone, many bloggers call it quits after a few months! I’m happy I hopped on this journey with you and always enjoy what you write. This post’s e-mail get shuffled toward the bottom of the pile!

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    • Thanks, Terri. I never worry about when people choose to read or comment on one of my posts. I often binge blog, reading about a week’s worth of posts on several sites, rather than hopping from site to site every day. So a blogger may get about 4 – 5 comments from me within an hour. I’m pleased we’ve become blog friends – that’s the best of all – folks to celebrate with.

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  7. I know what you mean. Without all the lovely blogging friends, I never would’ve stuck with this. 🙂

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  8. Dear Sharon, many, many congrats – you are an inspiration. Please know that I deeply admire how you as a fellow writer & fellow daughter. You keep writing and blogging, amid the lesser distractions of life, as well as the monolithic challenges of caring for your mother.


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