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We Stand

Unless a person has lived completely alone in a cave from the moment of birth, no one is a “self-made” person. We stand on each other’s shoulders and by each other’s sides. We follow often and occasionally we lead. Great leaders push those behind them to the front and thank them for the privilege. Great followers listen attentively and contribute selflessly, providing the scaffolds from which others soar. We all weep when one falls, triumph when one succeeds. Eons back and generations forward, we are less unique than we are connected.

So here is me speaking to each of you, and there are thousands upon thousands of you, who have given me a chance to do, teach, question, paint, examine, think, repair, learn, share, imagine, correct, love, be, stand. And write.

Thank you, strangers, friends, and family.



Just a thought, 2.



Painting: A Young Girl Reading a Letter with an Old Man Reading Over her Shoulder by Joseph Wright of Derby, circa 1768.

United States public domain tag: any work first published without copyright notice prior to 1978.






Comments on: "We Stand" (16)

  1. Nice thoughtful thought and glad to be a part of it.


  2. Your post is both inspirational and motivating. Thank you.


  3. Margaret Meade was right: It takes a village.

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    • Funny way of proving my point – Mead apparently adapted the meaning of an African proverb to address the community involvement in raising children she found in her research in Samoa. But the proverb itself was made famous in the U.S. by Hillary Rodham Clinton in her book, It Takes a Village. And I am obviously influenced by all of this as well as my own disbelief in the idea of a self-made man. Thanks for your input, Jacqui.

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  4. Guess we all reflect each other. Nice thought, put in a simple and crisp way.


  5. Ah, indeed Shari. We are all interconnected through that “spark” of God that resides within each of us. You have helped light my spark spark in ways known and unknown.


  6. So well said! Community is crucial to so many different aspects of survival. Lovely and inspiring Sharon.



  7. True words, Sharon. I was just thinking today that gratitude seems to be a forgotten virtue. I love that you proved me wrong. Thanks. 🙂


  8. It is we who thank you, my friend. You write so openly. My pleasure to be here. Always.


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