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The brain for all its complexity has no imagination. Only the soul has imagination, the link from the stars to the earth, from God to the future. Quicken the malaise from my thoughts. Divulge the possibilities to come. Remove me from this cramped perch and straighten me. Shove me against the wind and permit my spine to bend. Quell my heart and start it again with a new beat and fresh blood. Each moment about which I write, launch another to witness. Wipe the grit from my eyes.

Ah, vision. Imagine what I can do now.


Just a Thought, 3



Painting Roses by P. S. Kroyer,  1893

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published (or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office) before January 1, 1923.


Comments on: "Vision" (15)

  1. Oh, that summer malaise! I’m feeling it, Shari, but your words are so beautifully written. It was a delight to read this quick thought this morning.

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  2. There’s an aching flow to this that I just find so soothing, Shari. Beautifully ethereal. Spiritual with the hint of mystic I lean towards. Floating above this now and I am genuinely satisfied. Perfect!!! Girl, you can throw down a poem. ♡

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  3. What a gorgeous painting.


  4. Write it again in poem form and submit it to a magazine – spectacularly beautiful!!!!!!!

    (There’s no grit in your eyes but lots in your spirit and prose-style.)


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