Sparked by Words

I have been honored as a guest writer by Adrienne Morris who blogs at Nothing Gilded, Nothing Gained-Period Drama on Paper at Middlemay Farm

My story, Jelly Glass, was featured there yesterday. It’s a peek into one family’s life.

I would be doubly honored if you would mosey on over to her blog and read it there:

One of the most incredible parts of blogging is getting to meet people from all over the world, from all walks of life.

You’ll enjoy traveling around Adrienne’s blog, reading about her life in upstate New York on a wonderful farm and learning about the books she writes.

Thank you, Adrienne. Got a big grin going on over here in Southern California.



Basket of roses photo courtesy Pixabay

Comments on: "Traveling Back East – Sort of" (15)

  1. Sharon, I can’t wait to read your story on Adrienne’s blog and am popping over now. 😀😀I’ve known her since my early days of here on WP and agree wholeheartedly with your words about her lovely posts and terrific books. The series she is running now is original and excellent and I’m looking forward to my contribution at the end of the month. Warmest wishes ❤️

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  2. Thanks for the link. Great story.

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  3. I’m on my way over to check out your post. I’ll be visiting next week–sorry we’ll miss each other!

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  4. Lovely story Sharon, you write so imaginatively. Have left a few comments on Adrienne’s blog.


  5. I moseyed, mosied, moseyied . . . .

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  6. many congrats! will go there now …


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