Sparked by Words


Give me a kiss.

I will write one more word.

Laugh and I will write a page.

Sob, I will complete the story.



Just a Thought 10


The Kiss (Lovers) painting, 1907, 1908, by Gustav Klimt courtesy:



Comments on: "Kiss" (22)

  1. What joy in Klimt’s painting and your beautiful verse.


  2. You are on your way to a Twitter novel.


  3. Sharon, I’ve always loved this Klimt painting, but I never thought to apply it to writing. Flash is tough, but your words sync perfectly with this gorgeous image. 🙂


    • Thank you, Cathleen. I’ve been writing “Snippets” in my journal for almost a decade and have accrued several hundred. Decided to pull the ones that relate to writing and post them as Just a Thought. Sometimes people want to read just a little and then spend some time developing their own ideas from that inspiration. Hoping my series will motivate others in their creative journey.

      As for Klimpt’s painting – give me a minute, I’ll think of a way to apply to everything!

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  4. I am unfamiliar with the painting and artist, but it is beautiful, along with your poem 🙂


  5. You express what validation feels like so perfectly, Shari. ♡


  6. Smile and I’ll think of YOU


  7. Beautiful, true and well observed words inspired by this stunning classic painting…one of my favourites and I have a small statue of it. There are a lot of tears on the way to stories. ❤️


  8. Wonderful words Sharon. I love the last line.


  9. The poem, although short, was quite beautiful 💕


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