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The anticipation of going to sleep is the hope of waking in the morning with all the promise of something wonderful arriving with the dawn.

The comfort of sleep is knowing I’ve used the hours of light well.




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  1. Sharon, your Dawn picture flew straight into my heart and lit everything up.
    Your thought is beautiful and one I never pondered before.
    Thank you


  2. What a lovely thought Sharon. The joy of waking is knowing that you are rested and ready for what that new day brings.


  3. A lovely thought for this morning…if I have a chance on waking, I like to rest just a little while, enjoying the quiet, settling my thoughts, wondering what today will bring…something wonderful indeed!😀❤️


  4. I see a new day as another opportunity to start off dumb and finish strong!

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  5. Interesting thought Shari,
    With a condition like chronic fatigue I fear my thoughts about sleep and new days is a bit skewed. Another reminder that our life’s experiences determine our beliefs and our beliefs determine our attitudes and thus our thoughts.


  6. A beautiful sentiment that goes wonderfully with the image!


  7. Sharon, what a beautiful photo, and even more beautiful thought. I’ll be coming back to this post often, thank you.


  8. I have that feeling of hope and gratitude about ten minutes after I wake up. Before that, everyone better watch out! i try to sneak out of bed before everyone else to save them from me.


  9. A beautiful thought. However, I have to admit that occasionally I go to sleep with great relief that the day is over, and I look forward to starting over again tomorrow.


    • Your attitude, to sleep with great relief and look forward to a new day, is so much healthier than what I do, which is to stay awake for hours, in an insomniac panic. Please bottle your attitude and send some to me.


  10. Beautiful thought….👌

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