Sparked by Words


My commentary is narrowed by my amateur position. Don’t listen to anything I say or read anything I write. Unless you want to.

Now is my time to write the story that can no longer be bound to my list of promises. Something to make you open your heart. Only a person who lifts his palm can accept and can give, one being the same as the other. I need your help. I need you to believe in me enough to read my words. I need you to believe in me that I may write something worthy.

This much I know: I did not get here alone and will not leave without a friend by my side. Your attention elevates me to professional status.

Ah, here you are.

Thank you, dear friend. Let us get to work.

And so I rise.



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Comments on: "Rise" (25)

  1. I lift my hand to you friend.


  2. Even the worst people and the worst events are gifts to the writer, but supportive friends are even better.


  3. I am more than happy to read the words you write, Shari. You are my friend and I will support you to the end. ❤


  4. 🙂 — and love the picture.


  5. Sharon, thank you for this beautiful post. You start with a picture that keeps me totally captivated.
    I have read every word several times and wondered whether it is you.
    Why, because I see you as a very accomplished writer and enjoy your posts so much.
    You write worthy things – very much so.
    I often think this about myself until I start berating myself. A much better way to walk
    together. :))

    So yes, let us get to work.


    • Miriam, be aware of your own power and strength as a writer and as a person. Please don’t doubt or berate yourself.
      While I thank you for your support, I’m not (yet) a published writer. That remains my goal.


  6. We’re here with you Sharon. Your eloquent writing always enriches me, makes me resonate. Thank you! 💕

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  7. You’re just the sort of friend you’re writing about here. You attract the best of people. Wouldn’t miss you for the world.


  8. Words and photo are captivating, Sharon…you forge ahead with me and many others by your slide! As always enthralled by the creative spirit of your writing. 😀❤️


  9. Shari,
    You, my friend are worthy . . . whether you choose to write or not.
    You, my friend are surrounded by love . . . whether you think yourself worthy or not.


  10. Sharon, I happily read every word you write even though at times I’m tardy. I enjoy your words, your thoughts and my hand goes out to you. We are indeed all in this together both as writers and readers and I have no doubt at all that one day I will be reading your full length published work, not looking at a screen (for indeed this itself is published work). When that day comes I will raise my glass – I’ll want to celebrate with you.


  11. Jenna Barwin said:

    I look forward to reading your story when you’re ready to share it.


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