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At the beginning and the end of all the grief of loss of someone we love, whether to death or to Alzheimer’s, is a need to figure out how to go on living for those of us left behind.

First to rage.

Next to pray.

Then to forgive.

Finally to turn the earth for a garden.



Just a Thought 14


Memory of the Garden at Etten by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888, courtesy Wikimedia

Comments on: "Prayer" (30)

  1. How wonderful you put it Sharon. Your words coupled with this extraordinary painting by Van Gogh are more than enough..

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  2. Sometimes the gardening part seems like a lot of hard work when grieving. This was lovely.


  3. I’m not sure I’d get past rage. Hmmm….


  4. Beautiful words, and true.


  5. I LOVE it!!!! and not just because it’s a short read.

    You done did it – Four lines of perfection.


  6. Jenna Barwin said:

    Very touching, Shari. In a few short words you brought tears to my eyes.


  7. What a wonderful post, Sharon. And full of wisdom. I’ve found that planting and nurturing a garden is the best therapy – for any loss. Thank you.


  8. This is so succinct and Beautiful 💜


  9. Sharon, sometimes a few words say so much – as is the case with your moving post. The garden seems to be the place to heal, soothe our soul and often the only activity one can carry out in the midst of grief. The painting complements your post beautifully, the women seem so full of sorrow despite the colours of the blossom all around. Hugs xx


    • Van Gogh’s brilliance is in touching something much deeper in our hearts than the painted surface. I like the women in the foreground, one of whom is older and more frail, and the third woman bent to her task of tending the flowers. The relationship between the women and the garden is suggested but he lets us viewers determine the details.

      Thank you for your kind comment about my writing, Annika. I’ve been trying to write one brief post a week and one that addresses issues broadly.

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  10. Beautiful Sharon. I love your steps – what a healing place a garden can be. The cycle of life is ever present in the garden and just having that soil between your fingers gives renewal. I always feel for Van Gogh – what a troubled soul he had yet he could express himself so vividly on canvas.


    • Thanks, Irene. I’m not a great gardener but I adore all flora and enjoy visiting, even the gardens of friends.
      I’m glad you noted Van Gogh’s brilliance, proving what determination (and extraordinary talent) can effect despite one’s problems, and he sadly had many.

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  11. Courage to you and may the harvest of the earth’s garden bring you life, wisdom and strength.


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