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Sand or Honey


Even the most momentous creation – a whale or a love affair – begins with a tiny drop of something elemental – sand or honey – and is complete only when the final bit – a fluke or a splinter – slips into the right place.



Just a Thought 16



Image of sandcastle courtesy


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  1. Those great things can also be destroyed by tiny things as well. It’s amazing how little control we have over any of it. Very thought provoking for an early Monday morning!


  2. Who builds a sand castle at the water’s edge? Hmmm…. probably completed in low tide. OK, I can think of a few reasons.

    But I digress from your excellent point!

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  3. Jenna Barwin said:

    A lovely bit of prose for a Monday morning. Well said. Thank you, Sharon!


  4. This is so powerful, Sharon. The microcosm creating the macrocosm, in a sense – and all depending on fate, and maybe a smidgen of magic. 🙂


  5. or a bee slips into the right hive


  6. Shari, a lovely thought to start my day. It never fails to astonish me how the smallest thing, event can lead to life-changing decisions, world occurrences…sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.


    • Biodiversity begins with incremental adaptations to circumstances, sometimes in error, but it’s essential to maintain the health of species. Sadly, Annika, changes can also occur for the worse, as in political situations, as you note.

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  7. You capture so eloquently how the inconsequential things in life impact in a big way. Bees are apparently smarter than this sandcastle builder, never building a hive in such a precarious position (unless the queen is having a bad day) 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration, Shari!


    • Bees are amazing community members. My parents used to own a small avocado grove in Vista that would never have thrived without the bees that a nearby grove owner kept. Each of the other stakeholders paid him a fee. My parents told us to stay away from the end of our property close to the hives, but I used to sneak up to that corner occasionally, just to watch the bees and hear their industry. Many years later, a hive got built in a nectarine tree in the front of our house. I could barely get my two little boys safely into our house. I called a beekeeper who came and carefully cut the hive into a box and took the entire thing to his property. We found it fascinating to watch how gentle the beekeeper was and how loyal the bees were to their hive. Love affairs are more impetuous. Thanks for reading, Terri.

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  8. This is thought provoking – everything that happens need that final piece, the key that unlocks the creation. Your accompanying picture makes me wonder how many things undermine and prevent that final piece from turning.


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