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Balm is not love nor even understanding. Love is an act in which we choose to engage. Understanding is the obligation of being human. Balm is inclusion. Inclusion is the soothing peace from which we all benefit, one hand extended to another, all hands linked, around the world, around the world and back again.

Around the world into the future.



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Painting detail, Hands of God and Adam from Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel


Comments on: "Balm" (12)

  1. Sharon, like you I believe in hands linked around the world…
    thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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  2. Interesting definition. I like the nuancing. Hugs to you Shari (or should I send balm?)

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  3. Once a month in our church they make us all hold hands and sing a song together. I find it kind of awkward. Why is it so hard? Maybe my German genes kicking in?

    Like the idea of holding hands though. 🙂

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    • I can see the rebel in you going, “Not gonna sing.” But maybe it’s just a different kind of hymn. I often mouth the words of songs at my temple because I enjoy listening to the congregation and can hear them better when I’m silent. That says something about me, right?


  4. The touch of another warm human being is very important to our well being, I think.


  5. Shari, I needed the balm of your words on a day when my mind feels on fire! A thoughtful reflective post on love, balm, reaching out to one another. I’m particularly struck with one phrase: ‘Understanding is the obligation of being human. ‘ Wonderfully written – powerful true words.


  6. Love the idea of these hands linked around the world. Oh for a world where we all make a point of accepting our differences and embracing our sameness. It is important to listen – not to formulate a reply but to understand. Another lovely thought Sharon.


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