Sparked by Words

This Season


A time to notice the stranger and a time to acknowledge our neighbor

A time to bridle words for desire and a time to examine language for equity

A time to destroy that which is scornful and a time to create beauty

A time to excise the profane and a time to honor the sacred

A time to expose corruption and a time to aspire to holiness

A time to look in the mirror and weep and a time to look at others and see

A time to distinguish one from the other and a time to know our own faults


There is a season

And the season is always



Just a thought 19




Painting The Magpie by Claude Monet, courtesy


Comments on: "This Season" (28)

  1. Sharon, thank you for this post with its profound thoughts.
    Each one so important and worth pondering as well as act upon.
    Thank you

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  2. Lovely inspiring words.

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  3. So much to remind us that we’re all in this together. Thanks, Shari.

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  4. Beautifully crafted words.

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  5. Thank you, Sharon, for this beautiful post. May it be so – every day.

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  6. Shari, heartwarming thoughts for this season and as you say, always! These should be eternally part of our lives. A time to say thank you…for your beautiful posts, friendship and kindness… ❤️

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  7. I was starting to highlight my favorite lines, but ended up with the whole thing highlighted, dear Sharon – many thanks for sharing this – xoxo


  8. A time to destroy that which is scornful and a time to create beauty. Love this line! Some people don’t care about beauty. I find this impossible to understand.


  9. Beautiful reflections, Shari! The depth and seriousness of these concepts is the last thing people want to think about this time of year as consumption and materialism try to lock us in. Oh that we have time for even one of these thoughts.


    • Terri, I’d been thinking exactly those kinds of thoughts when I started to write this poem. Too often we get lost in fussing over insignificant issues when important things loom in front of us. Even when they are unpleasant, we have to confront them if we want to right the world.

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  10. This is beautiful, Sharon. A fitting reminder of what this season should be about. 🙂


  11. Lovely, profound.
    xxx j
    The only one I don’t understand is: “A time to look in the mirror and weep and a time to look at others and see”


  12. It is indeed time. I am going to slowly digest these and those points I have become lazy in will be addressed. Thank you for this thought.


  13. Thanks for sharing this…
    So true….
    This season is a new one.


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