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Whatever your faith or creed, wherever you are, I hope this day finds you enveloped in love, health, the embrace of family and friends, and a hope for peace for everyone.


And if you have neither time nor interest to respond to this post, that’s perhaps as it’s meant to be.



Just a thought 22



The Starry Night, painting by Vincent Van Gogh


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  1. Sharon, how could I not answer to a post with the image of “Starry Night” .😊
    I wish you a warm and joyful Christmas Day.


  2. Wishing you the same, Sharon! And as it happens, this is one of my favorite paintings by Van Gogh!! 😀 ❤


  3. My comments don’t always come through but perhaps in the spirit of all holidays, this one will. Sending you love and hugs. Happy everything. Let’s try to get together soon. Love, Linda


  4. All my wishes to you too, Sharon! 😘💓🎁🎄


  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! I hope your house is filled with children and grandchildren!


  6. Sharon, wishing the same kind thoughts back to you! And I too love “Starry Night” – my favorite Van Gogh painting. It’s a good one for Christmas.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 🙂


  7. God bless you, Sharon, woman of substance in so many ways. Smiles …


  8. Sharon, wishing you the same…beautiful thoughts indeed! We’ve had a warm and tender Christmas, relaxed and soulful and I feel lucky. ❤️The painting is a dream and one that touches the soul.


  9. The same for you and yours, Shari. ❤


  10. Happy Hannukah, Shari. You have a kind soul and I’m drawn to your spirit. Starry nights..I could go for one of those once the weather warms.


    • Thank you, Audrey, this is a very kind thing to say. We did have a happy Hanukkah this year. As for stars – I’ve always loved seeing them. I bet you see more in Nebraska than we do.


  11. Anonymous said:

    LOVE is all we need..


  12. Love and Peace to you and mankind, Sharon.


  13. Yes, it’s me. I’m here for a visit and am trying to catch up on all of your adventures since I’ve been away. But I do have time to stop for a moment to wish you peace and love, too. I hope the wildfires cease and the rain falls down upon you and that you are kept safe throughout the New Year. Love, Clare


    • The wildfires are getting under control and there is rain in the near future for us. I think you’re contending with lots of snow and a big chill.
      Thank you so much, Clare, for the warm wishes. The same wished back for you and yours.

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