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No, no post today, no time to write.

I’m too busy shoveling snow from the driveway. It’s the end of December, you know.

Oh wait, I’m an idiot. I’m not shoveling snow. I live in California.

Fires raged in Northern California in October and in Southern California (where I live) through December.

Family and friends and strangers in both regions worried and were evacuated, some more than once.

Family and friends and strangers suffered from the ash and smoke in the air, their health injured.

People died, trying to escape, unable to escape. Animals died.

Homes, businesses, historic land, native acreage, all consumed by flames.

People died.

The future is not assured.

No, I’m not shoveling snow.

I’m hoping for, pleading for, rain.

My final request for 2017:

Rain, please. Just rain.





Just a thought 23


Rainstorm over the Sea painting by John Constable, circa 1928




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  1. I feel for you, Sharon. I’ve spent many hours and days praying for rain…. In Greece we also suffer terribly from forest fires. Keeping my fingers crossed for you 💕🌺

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  2. Well said! I live in Napa, and understand exactly what you are writing, Sharon.

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  3. Sharon, it is a natural prayer….rain, rain…when you live in a State devastated by fire.
    Bless you all.


  4. Wishing rain for you. Australia is moving in to her fire season. We live on tenterhooks. Wishing rain for you.


  5. How sad to see so many suffer from these fires. Such a tragedy. Here’s hoping rain is on the horizon.


  6. Hoping along with you Sharon. The planet’s weather patterns seem to be getting worse. Here in Belgium we have had 5 hours of sunshine this December! Every day is a gray day. Best wishes.


  7. I can’t believe some of the fires are still burning! On the topic of cold: My sister lives in Marion IN. I sent her a picture of my weather app– -3!!!


  8. Jenna Barwin said:

    Beautifully said.


  9. Praying for rain, Shari. I’m with you. I’m so sorry this is happening to California. My heart goes out to you all.


  10. Sharon, I so wish we could send you some of the rain we had today. It seems climate change has caused such tragedies to be ever more extreme. Thoughts and prayers are with you and all who live in southern California. ❤️


  11. I wish I could transport the rain we got last week over to where you are.


  12. Upon our arrival here in San Diego (and noticed at the Grapevine) was the appearance of dry, brown shrubbery! So different than the pounding of rain and snow we got last fall, winter and spring. And while here, the temps have broken some heat records! Can’t complain, but we do need the rain all over the west. In Sacramento area, we’ve had little rain but snow has managed to fall in the Sierras and that is what counts for water. Our weather guy says that it would take a couple more years of this to put us back into the drought, and he feels the chances are good for normal spring rains January-March which is the similar pattern for soCal too! Keeping fingers crossed though! And why didn’t I know you live in southern Cal, Shari? We’re practically neighbors 🙂


    • Terri, I knew you had So Cal roots; I think you recently wrote about a San Diego reunion with close friends, and I thought it was so cool that you all keep in touch. Wednesday we took our two older grands to the Fleet Museum in Balboa Park – they had such a great time trying all the exhibits. Love a hands-on museum for kids. As much as Orange County is touted as a California destination, we have nothing here like the really wonderful attractions in LA and San Diego.

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      • We went to Balboa Park as kids and actually climbed into Santa’s sleigh. I have a B&W Polaroid (LOL) of me sitting there in 1965-ish. I keep meeting California bloggers, so now I will remember you are in the OC 🙂


      • Yep, that’s me, down here at the intersection of the 405 and 5 Freeways, looking at the view from the center lane and wishing the cars would get out of the way so I could set up my easel and paint Saddleback Mountain and the lucious clouds in the sky.

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  13. hoping you have a happy healthy rainy New Year. Cheers


  14. Hoping and wishing rain for you and all those affected by the firestorms, Sharon!! And of course, I love the Constable! ❤


    • Thank you, Sarah. Really, I wish for great weather for everyone, everywhere, but the California fires affected us personally. We had many friends running for safety. All of them are home again but many others have no home to return to. My heart aches for them and for all who are homeless or running for safety. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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  15. I’m wishing for you also Sharon. Hope it comes. Have to admit you had me going with you shovelling snow. We have been hearing over here about the exceptionally cold weather and heavy snow falls some of your countrymen are experiencing so I was not surprised you were shovelling until your twist arrived and in such a powerful way.


  16. Shari, I hope and pray you and yours are safe and remain untouched by this horror. The fires look terrifying and so destructive…a prayer for rain seems the most natural reaction to this tragedy. It has disappeared from the news front so I hope this means the fires have been brought under control. hugs xxx


    • Thank you, Annika, prayers are always welcome and appreciated. The Thomas Fire is still going though it’s about 92% contained. They don’t expect to have it fully out till late this month, and then there will be danger because of potential mud and rock slides. Our California landscape is fragile and quite often inaccessible because of craggy terrain. Inadequate rainfall in much of the state adds to our problems.

      I’ll be over to your site soon – want to see about your new book! Yay!

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