Sparked by Words

2018, Welcome Home

Acceptance is natural. Hate must be taught.

Sharing creates a community. Privacy needs a wall.

It takes about forty muscles to smile, sixty to frown.

Tears of joy flow down our cheeks the same as tears of sorrow.

Giving makes at least two people feel wonderful. Getting pleases one – sometimes.

Closing a door gently allows someone to come back in. Slamming it might shut someone out forever.


My door is always open.

I can’t wait to see you open the present.

Goodness, I can’t help but cry to see you so happy.

My grin is making my cheeks sore, so they’ll just have to ache.

I made stew, please come, bring dessert, and we’ll enjoy the evening together.

My mom once said to me, when I asked if she could take my son for his cello lesson, that I’d told her everything she needed to know about how to get to the teacher’s house, and how long the lesson would last, but I’d left out that the woman was Black. Never dawned on me to mention it. She was simply a great teacher.


Just a thought to begin the New Year.





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