Sparked by Words

The Greater Humanity


We know who we are by the silence around us

We know who we aspire to become by the pulse within us

We know the sound of footsteps by the memory of those who came before

Listening immerses us in the universal mass

Keeping quiet allows us to hear everyone else

Remaining still informs us that we are not alone, thank God, we are not alone


Common choir makes all languages one word

Dance corpus combines all movement into a single motion

Every tongue longs to taste a sip of water gathered from the ancestral spring

Closed eyes reveal stock dreams of flight and sanctuary

Thoughts of love blend every sense into a solitary embrace

Holding hands reminds us that we are not alone, thank God, we are not alone


We remember who we are by the footprints of the billions and billions

The ones who hunkered in the trees, the ones who crouched in the caves

The ones who paddled across the seas, the ones who climbed the peaks

The ones who trudged across the deserts, the ones who tramped the jungles

All of them with the single wish to give all children the future we cannot see

Bowing our heads teaches us that we are not alone, thank God, we are not alone


Just a thought 28


Drawing of Vitruvian Man courtesy of Leonardo da Vinci, around 1490

Comments on: "The Greater Humanity" (22)

  1. “Common choir makes all languages one word”–Beautiful.


  2. Shari, you’ve presented the best of your abilities to soothe inside this poem. So beautiful. Absolutely stunning work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jenna Barwin said:

    Shari, you struck a deep chord for me–we are not alone. Thank you so much for your beautiful and heartfelt words.


  4. Bravo. Wonderful to see you post poetry. It was awesome, too


  5. Shari, a beautiful and reassuring post…I often stand by the ocean’s shore and stare out at the vast sea and think of the brave people who paddled away with no idea of what to expect. The past combines with the present, the individual unites with those around. How true…we are not alone.


  6. that is a simply beautiful poem Sharon. We have to listen to understand the universal language and the soul of the world.

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  7. OH MY GOODNESS, SHARON BONIN-PRATT – incredible poem. Your prose is poetic but your poetry is sublime. I’m printing this out.


  8. A most beautiful poem, Sharon – to be read every day. I too am going to print it out. Every line is exquisite!


  9. nattaproblem said:

    We are indeed not alone. This poem is a feel good read. Thank you.


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