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Open Heart

End the argument with a slammed door, the house will crumble

Turn away with a shrug, we will speak again

Face disappointment with clenched fists, the fury will resume

Share thoughts with open palms, we will be friends again

Stitch a broken heart with regret, the wound will fester

Mend it with self-examination, we will love again


Our wedding certificate was sealed with fading ink

But our hearts beat like the first time we saw each other

Our journey canted through unknown territories

Though we planned on traveling together always

We spoke in rage, acted from frustration, stomped with fear

Please meet me for coffee, I want to give it another chance

I know your name as it is also mine


Just a thought 29


Painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


Comments on: "Open Heart" (28)

  1. Wow! Wonderful, Shari and the two last lines open the path to reconciliation and peace!


  2. What a great poem and wonderful advice for married couples (in fact it is good advice for all people in any type of relationship at all. )

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  3. Sharon, I love your poem abour relationship and marriage. So strong with great analogies.
    Sad but with underlying hope. Klimt is among my favourites with his vivid colours and The Kiss compliments your poem beautifully.

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  4. Positive thinking helps. Nicely done, Shari


  5. This is wonderful. So real and powerful. Relationships can be a challenge.

    “Mend it with self-examination, we will love again” Really loved this line.

    Sharon this was an awesome write.


  6. I hope you aren’t saying something between the lines. Or maybe you speak about a friend. Happily my husband and I almost never fight. I remember the fight I responded to his fury with humor. It stopped everything. To this day, I’m shocked.


    • No, we are not getting divorced, not even an itch at the back of our spines. You might consider marriage counseling should you get bored with your current career – humor is a great way to end an argument.


  7. This is beautiful and wise, Sharon. It speaks to my heart in a way, I can not even describe. Thank you for sharing your poem with us, and I´m so glad to know that it doesn’t reflect what is going on in your marriage. 😀


  8. so sweet, Sharon – just in time for Valentines ❤


  9. Wonderful poem, Sharon – I can relate to the challenges of any partnership. But as someone else suggested, humor always wins the day. (And I’ve found that the older I get the less energy I have for being angry. Compassion and understanding for different viewpoints makes all the difference.


  10. SeemaMisra said:

    What a beautiful and apt illustration … read this poem for the first time 🙂


  11. A marriage manual so eloquently written in poem. My second time around, I am so mindful of being kind and thankful to my husband, as he is to me.


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