Sparked by Words

Wasp Nest

Story is a loose thread pulled until the whole spool unwinds, all the words tumbling out like wasps from a struck nest. The writer arranges them into pleasing patterns of words that sting, of words that placate, of words that provoke. The writer then is the papery hull of the nest, tattered and empty.

Until the next story comes along. Now buzzing with ideas. Building a new nest.


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Comments on: "Wasp Nest" (15)

  1. Oh dear, now I have words tumbling everywhere! 🙂

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  2. I prefer cozy homes to wasps nests. I get tired of being stung!


  3. I adore the creativity in this. Also love your description of the write. Yeah, that sounds like us.


  4. Sharon, I love your way with words. What a great metaphor!


  5. Shari, an interesting analogy and one I can relate to! At times the words seem to sting me…particularly when they won’t tumble out in the right order! After an intense writing session I do feel almost bereft and empty. A striking thought and image.


  6. Interesting metaphor. I completely relate to feeling like a tattered, empty, papery hull unless I have a story to write. I write, therefore I am? If so, to use a different metaphor, it’s more like a riding a hamster wheel than a treadmill, full of ups and downs. 🙂


  7. I like the vision of words tumbling like a struck wasps nest. I can’t imagine you ever being the empty nest – I think your new words start forming before the others have even started to fall.


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