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A lake imparts a majestic vision only by the terrain surrounding it – the mighty trees, the grassy hills, the faceted boulders. Otherwise it’s just a large puddle.

A novel endears readers only by the story execution within it – the flawed characters, the twisted plot, the unexpected resolution. Otherwise it’s just a pompous dictionary.

Life requires inner strength and outer empathy. Otherwise it’s a meaningless existence.


Just a thought 35


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  1. Profound thoughts, Shari and very true! The lake in it’s stunning surroundings make it majestic and beautiful… in our garden a large puddle after the snow is just a nuisance!

    I like the idea of a book being just a dictionary without all the elements that raises them to becoming meaningful works! That should ensure we create the best possible book!


  2. “Otherwise it’s just a pompous dictionary.”—Loved that line. 😊


  3. just a pompous dictionary.

    Damn, I love that. This little write was perfect Shari. I love what you are doing with your blog. Keeping it always fresh. A delight to read.


  4. I like your clear and true sentiments. Thank you Sharon.


  5. A lot of truth to this. Which is why settings are so much more than a lake with a tree by it.


  6. That’s quite a THOUGHT for “JUST a thought”.


  7. Wonderful thoughts. Love puddles, love dictionaries but a meaningless existence would be sad. Loved the way you expressed it Sharri.


  8. Your “thoughts” are always so full of wisdom, Sharon. Do you have any plans to publish a collection of your writings? You should! 🙂


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