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Quiet Time

To my followers,

My blog is going to be silent for a while, maybe as long as a month.

Please don’t worry and please don’t think I’m disinterested in you, dear friends.

You are the folks who make me want to maintain a blog, after all.

There are personal issues I must take care of, and they need lots of time.

Stop thinking the worst – not a divorce, severe illness, or criminal acts. I haven’t joined the army, a nunnery, or the circus.

Also, not the excitement of a round the world vacation or an excursion on SpaceX – they begged, but I had to turn them down.

And sadly, not (yet) launching the publication of my book.

In other words, something I can’t discuss here.

I will not be able to regularly follow your blog posts either, though I’ll pop in once in a while.

I’ll return soon as I can, to writing my blog, to following yours.

Till then, be healthy, stay active, and be involved with the things that make you breathe deeply and exhale joyfully. (Yeah, I know, not supposed to use adverbs. Meh.)

Love to all,




Painting A Lady Writing by Johannes Vermeer, 1665




Comments on: "Quiet Time" (51)

  1. Thanks so much for letting us know. I’d bet money that you aren’t going to cooking school! Hope the month (or whatever time it takes) brings a good result.

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  2. Take care my friend! 🌺 I have been worried and popping by now and then … you’ll be missed but thank you for letting us know. Hugs & love, Annika xxxxxxx

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  3. Good luck and see you soon, Shari🌺💕

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  4. Thank you dear Sharon for telling us. It also means you go and meet the difficulty
    now in front of you with knowledge that many are behind you and wishing you strength.

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  5. I was truly worried about the circus gig. It would count down on your writing time.

    God bless you and yours. Wish you all the best. Rest, relax. I will be here waiting.

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  6. It’s good you let us know because I’d think the worst (though I know where you live). I’ve had several blogging friends disappear… forever… It’s not an experience I want to repeat.

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    • The Disappearing Blogger Syndrome – they don’t know how many of us are left behind with the big questions – and the worries.
      Thank you for your support, Jacqui, and since you do know, you might understand what’s going on.


  7. Jenna Barwin said:

    Take care of yourself, Sharon. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you’re ready to blog again.

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  8. Sorry you’re going through a tough patch. May you get through it with as much grace as possible.

    Shame, though, about the army, circus, nunnery, etc. Could have been great story material. 🙂

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  9. Will miss you while you’re gone. Take good care, Sharon, and see you right here (write here!) when you return. Love to you! 💓

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  10. Take care Sharon and thanks for letting us know. You know I’m a worry wart. I wish you all the best with the situation you are tackling and you know my thoughts are with you. See you when you return – we’ll still be here ready for your “just a thought” Lots of love

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  11. Sending you much love and wishing you all the best! While being secretly happy that you’re NOT joining the circus, only because my extreme jealousy would put a strain on our friendship. 😉💕

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  12. wishing you — & your mom — the best, dear Sharon ❤

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  13. Thank you for letting us know, Shari. Take your time, we will be here for you when you return. Too bad you’re not joining the circus – always wanted to myself. 😄
    Take care! 😊

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  14. Oh, and thanks for posting the Vermeer – you know how much I love him. 😄

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  15. I’ll be thinking about you!


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  16. Using adverbs or not
    When you do come
    Back again
    May things’ve already been better
    A lot 🙂


  17. missing you – wanted to say hi & that I hope all is well with you


  18. Hi Shari, I’m re-entering the blogging world and see that you are on a break! Take care and look forward to seeing you upon your return, my friend!


    • Hi Terri, I’m glad you’re back to blogging. I’m not really completely back though I check in once in a while with blog friends. What I need to do for myself is taking more time than I thought. Be well yourself.

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  19. It’s good to take a breathing break. Take the time necessary, my recent break took almost 18 months. Life is truly complicated, and we need to simplify to survive. namaste


  20. Hi Sharon,

    You left a lovely little message on my blog (“Missing you, Denzil. Hope all is well with you and that you’ll return.”) so I thought I’d reply here, hidden away in this appropriate post of yours.

    Yes I have been quiet and absent, deliberately, for a number of reasons, some of them planned, others not.

    From a purely social media point of view, I needed a break. The realization that 99% of my commenters and likers were other bloggers was quite staggering. Yes I like these comments and value their digital friendships, but it wasn’t the reason for starting my blog. It was to provide information for folk actually wanting to hike or cycle in Belgium (quite a limited audience). So I thought I’d stop posting for two months and just observe. Virtually no comments or likes. Visitors down. I’m still trying to work all this out. Who am I actually writing for? And why?

    Secondly, I wanted to take a break to focus on a new writing project. I’ve been on it for a while, off and on, but now I can be more on than off. I’m enjoying it immensely and have given myself some targets. I don’t know about you, but I can’t focus on more than one thing at a time! (OK I’ll admit it to you; it’s a book).

    Thirdly, early July an aunt died, with a funeral in the UK. Then mid-July my Mum died, and of course another funeral in the UK. You know all about this topic so I need say no more.

    So there we are Sharon. Thanks again for your message. There’s a handful of people I miss if I t absent myself from social media, and you’re on that very small list.

    Bye for now,

    PS if you want to reply you can always write direct to I always appreciate your thoughts.


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