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I Will Tell


An old barn is a bane to a farmer but a boon to an artist

A dilapidated shack an eyesore for neighbors but refuge for the poor

A ruined mortal a quarry for accusers but forage for the poet

No matter the cunning snake that wallows in his deceit,

no matter the smirking ghoul who destroys a career,

the gossip who barters a confidence like cheap candy,

or the trusted friend for whom betrayal is a conquest

Even the repentant face in my mirror seeks amends


We hold a dance in the old barn for the lovelorn,

pretending we are not the target of the fiddle’s song

We thrust our hand into the poor box, denying our hunger

for the taste of human comfort, of slaking the thirst for touch

We witness the breaking of bonds, the loss of redemption

No matter the ink dripping red and thick as blood,

beating a drum’s dirge so close to the heart

The heat of fever spreads across the dampened cloth


Here in the shack lit by the flame within my marrow,

nerve endings steal my breath, fright scores my flesh

All the sorrows of life and demise, of hope and regret

Just this side of one being’s view of all’s fair,

another’s sight of conflict shrieking grievance,

each begging for sympathy and a sacred verse

To me, the ash heap of sorrow and confession,

Remains the mewling rasp of story, and I will tell it



Just a thought 43



Old barn photo courtesy Pixabay









Comments on: "I Will Tell" (29)

  1. I love free verse poetry. This was lovely, Shari.

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  2. Those used up visuals are some of my favorites. Your poetry is stunning. Thank you

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  3. Thought-provoking and full of imagery. Very nice.

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    • I’d been looking at our photos of old barns we’d taken years ago (not the one in the post, however) and thinking how we regard places and the people who once lived there. Over days, my thoughts expanded. Thank you for your comment, Carrie.

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  4. Jenna Barwin said:

    Beautifully and well said. You paint deep pictures with words. I was particularly struck by the fiddle’s song–so often we deny we’re the target as we deny our own needs.

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  5. All that inspired by the old barn? Incredible imagery your words invoke, Shari!

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  6. Please gush without restraint more often. Your poetry is soul nurturing for us all who have the pleasure of reading it.

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  7. “… No matter the ink dripping red and thick as blood, beating a drum’s dirge so close to the heart…” this along with last line especially sends shivers of delight! am reminded of how beauty is always within tragedy…


  8. Rich in imagery and meaning! This is multi-layered and thought provoking, Sharon. Enjoyed very much!


  9. Wow! Shari, an incredible poem, powerful and thought-provoking. Seeing the title and image I was going to happily join you in my love for old dilapidated barns – I see your imagination and creativity took you to a place way beyond barns! The writing is raw, striking into one’s heart and finishes with the superb ”Remains the mewling rasp of story, and I will tell it”. This is just the start, I feel … wanting more.


  10. With each line I read I nodded my head in agreement. I sighed with relief when I read the last line. I’m waiting to read the story you tell.


  11. Exquisite poetry, Shari! I read this twice and have a feeling I’m going to want to read it more often in the future. It’s deep and thoughtful, I can feel the hours you spent writing it in its intensity. Going to print it out and keep it in my journal. ❤


  12. What a beauty, Sharon, so visual and deep in its meaning. I love how this began a while ago and grew into such a stunning poem.


  13. A profound and interesting write. From the outset when you set it up with the one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure you set the tone. Love when you do poetry Shari.


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