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What Do I Do Now?

Speak even when you are speechless.

Bellow when you are crying.

Whisper when you are lost.

Open your palms when words fail.

Pray when you are harrowed.

If nothing grows, plant weeds.


Reach out when there’s nothing left to do.

Hold others tight during a quake.

Take the hands of those who stand apart.

Give when your account is empty.

Share everything when nothing remains.

If fish die, water the oceans.


Imagine while you dream.

Rock while the baby sleeps.

Cradle when the aged weep.

Plan the future on the last page of the calendar.

Climb atop the barricades.

If you waver, stand on quicksand.


Awaken on the cusp of the new day.

Cross over as the piers collapse.

March on two broken feet.

Dance on your knees and elbows.

Crawl on the flesh around your ribs.

If you wear rags, scour the mud.


Avoid flight when evil approaches.

Listen to those who will not hear.

Sign for those who are made silent.

Thump your chest when your breath catches.

Pierce your heart when you shiver.

If the bees depart, bring honey.


Translate pain into self portraits.

Wail when words are not enough.

Write when words are all you have.

Etch in blood when your pencil breaks.

There’s always something you can do.

If not for you, for someone else.



Just a thought 44



Painting: Mother and Child, 1914, by Julius Paulsen






Comments on: "What Do I Do Now?" (44)

  1. Those last two sentences say it all. Beautiful.

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    • Have you noticed how cranky and miserable self-centered people are? They have nothing significant to live for. Helping others gives our lives meaning and makes order of our chaos. Thanks for stopping by, Peggy.

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  2. You should do a collection of these poems. This is another beautiful one, Shari.

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  3. Wow! Sharon a powerful poem, an awakening call to humankind to give their utmost … whatever that form may take! As a writer these three lines are particularly striking to me:

    ‘Wail when words are not enough.
    Write when words are all you have.
    Etch in blood when your pencil breaks’

    This is heartfelt – a cry from the heart! Hope it reaches many. Xx

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  4. Stunning and powerful thoughts, Shari. Relevant and much appreciated by me. I love this poem.

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  5. Beautiful words from the soul of a survivor! I love how you remind us that individual actions count though they may seem to go unnoticed.

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  6. This is outstanding, Sharon. There is always something – anything – that we can do to add our voice, to give of ourselves. Beautifully written, and this will be one of my favorites. ❤️

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  7. Yes! What Annika said! Lovely and heartbreaking at the same time, Shari, a list of Proverbs we can all use every day!

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  8. beautifully written superb advice, Sharon ❤


  9. You, my dear friend, have a poetic heart and a soul that speaks.

    Your line “If nothing grows, plant weeds” is not the most lyrical of all the lines but WOW!


  10. This is another fine example of why I believe you are a natural born poet! Loved, this, Sharon. You really are something !


  11. Reblogged this on Writing Notes and commented:
    I am in awe of this poet, whom I had the great pleasure of finding via the talented WordPress Community. Sharon Bonin-Pratt is her name! Hats off to Sharon!


    • WordPress gives space for a lot of writers (artists, chefs, travelers, etc.) This was how I found you as well, the serendipity coming full circle. Thank you for the reblog – I’m honored.


  12. Good poem. LOve the “translate pain into self portraits. Great finale too.


    • What a very kind comment. Thank you. There is always something we can do, no matter how desolate the situation. Though the options can seem bleak.

      Nice to hear from you, Andrew. Hope all is well.


      • All is great. Very busy now that I am back. Searching for an apartment while trying to get rid of old stuff that won’t be moving with me. Unpacking. Blah blah blah. Hope it is cooling down over there.


      • I dislike moving, finding it very stressful. Are you planning on staying in NY? That’s where you are, right?

        Sweltering here and fires burning in one of the most picturesque mountain areas of Southern California. They evacuated the camp I used to attend near Idyllwild, so at least the people are all safe. But the fire is out of control. Even more outrageous is that it was set by an arsonist who lit several fires in the area. He was caught but the fires still rage.

        Take care.


  13. I echo what everyone else has already said, Sharon. This is such a powerful poem that goes straight to the heart. There’s always something each of us can do to make the load lighter for someone else. Amazing words and writing!


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  15. I truly love this poem, Shari! It speaks for just like your last one that I printed out and I’m going to do the same with this one. There are three lines that speak to me especially:

    If nothing grows, plant weeds.

    Translate pain into self portraits.

    Etch in blood when your pencil breaks.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Shari, it feels like a very special gift. x


    • I’m so glad you felt the positive aspects of this poem, Sarah, as I was a bit down when I started writing it. Seems the whole world is collapsing around us and my personal problems are flaring again (not talking about this stuff)
      but I kept thinking how fortunate I am despite the problems. There has to be a future and a reason for planning for the future. Generations of children are counting on us leaving them a better world. So it’s a bit like the story of Stone Soup – start with water and a stone, and see what others may add to make a delicious soup.

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      • I know what you mean by saying it feels like the whole world is collapsing around us, Shari.
        And I hope that your personal problems will soon deflare again. To feel fortunate even then shows some true wisdom in the essence of life and trust in the ability to overcome any obstacles.


      • Thanks, Sarah. I’m not sure I’m wise but I’ve got some years on me. 😀

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      • It’s always people like you who are not sure of their own wisdom that most often have it. 😊


  16. Beautiful Sharon – give your utmost and use your pain as currency to create. If only we could all be generous and turn our heartbreak into positive outcomes.


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