Sparked by Words


All origins from the sea.

All future on the earth.

All eternity in the universe.

All mystery through the cosmos.

All shame in the marrow.

All lamentation with the soul.

All weeping by the grievers.

All salt from the sea.



Just a thought 46


Ocean image courtesy Pixabay







Comments on: "Genesis" (21)

  1. And yet we continue to weep. To celebrate each gift is a much needed reminder. Sending hugs

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  2. I’ll just change one word–instead of ‘lamentation’, I’d make it ‘hope’. But that’s me and my rose-colored glasses.

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  3. So beautiful, Shari, this could be a song!

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  4. Sharon, this would make a beautiful, meditational chant – one that unifies us with the universe.

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  5. another great one — tears of joy & sorrow, salt + water = beginnings & endings…

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  6. Beautiful, just beautiful! ❤


  7. Shari, there is a haunting beauty about this. Your finale, gave me chills.
    We need to appreciate the little things. Later in life, many of them turn out to be the big things.
    I am full of appreciation for this gorgeous write.


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