Sparked by Words


I work hard to corral the horses before they stampede.

Still, someone asks, “How did the buttercup escape?”

I turn to see a hoof crush a flower.

Yellow stains on my hands, I crumple and weep.


Just a thought 51


Photograph of buttercups courtesy Pixabay








Comments on: "Buttercup" (12)

  1. Ahh …Sharon, I do understand so your beautiful poem. We don’t want to crush anything
    and yet every footstep – or hoof step can do. The buttercup is still alive and will give you another bloom in forgiveness. 😊💕 .


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  2. Don’t worry too much, Shari. They feed the land, to grow grass for the horses, and then their beautiful blooms regrow. The circle of life.

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  3. Beautiful sentiment, Shari, from one who rescues moths and spiders from inside my house and throws them outside 😉

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  4. We try so hard not to cause pain but it’s such a big part of life. Sigh.

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