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Praying Thankful


As we approach the holiday season, please remember the thousands who have lost members of their families, their homes and possessions, their entire communities, to fires still raging in California.

Say a prayer in the language of your heart, write a check to assist the many who have lost everything, and express gratitude to the exhausted first responders still on the frontlines trying to quell the flames and assist those who have been stricken.

To be truly thankful is not only to account for your own blessings but to realize that so many are injured, harrowed, and grieving, and then to share your bounty.

If your celebration this year finds you dining at a table of cinders, sobbing at an open gravesite, bereft of all but the charity of strangers, please know I wish you a future.



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Sorrow by Vincent Van Gogh, courtesy Wikimedia Commons




Comments on: "Praying Thankful" (23)

  1. Beautiful post. It is difficult to celebrate the holidays when so many have suffered terrible loss. May you and your beautiful heart always be blessed.

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  2. Sharon, you have represented sadness and despair so well with Van Gogh’s drawing.
    Set against the rich celebrations of many the contrasts are sharp.
    I feel this specifically every winter when so many suffer hardship. Also in trauma like your
    terrible fires in California or war torn countries around the world.




    • There is so much hardship in the world, as you say, Miriam. Those of us more fortunate should never take our ease for granted, and sharing some of our bounty is a good thing to do. Thank you for reading, Miriam.


  3. Jenna Barwin said:

    Well said. The holidays make us feel any loss more sharply. I plan to follow your advice.

    Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Our blessed rain is clearing the air and tamping the fires. A blessing and a curse for those displaced living in tents. Someone from our church gathered linens and camp gear to take to the area, linens for all the poor homeless and injured pets, and camp gear for those who must camp to survive. My closet is emptier and my heart is a little happier. The outpouring of concern and help has been amazing. Most folks are thankful to be alive.


  5. Beautiful post. Praying for all those suffering through this terrible ordeal in California! We give thanks for a God who is always with us in every time and place.


  6. My thoughts are with those that have lost and are suffering. A beautiful post Sharri expressing so well sentiments I share.


  7. My heart is breaking for the folks of California.


  8. Thank you for this one, Sharon. It’s easy to forget, that just because the fires (and aftermath) are no longer in the headlines, it doesn’t mean the suffering is over. I can’t even imagine the horror of going through the fires and losing everything. Blessings to you for your kindness and caring. 💗


    • Many people care and many of us do a bit to help out. Friends who live closer are providing shelter; like thousands who live farther, I gave money. I wish I could do more. Thanks for your kindness, Betty. I believe that good thoughts also help.

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