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How to Make Cupcakes

You can blend cabbage with horseradish till the cows come home, wander out to the pasture again, and finally lumber down among the clover – you will never get cupcakes.

Best to start with the right ingredients. Fresh imagination, sprinkles of fun, a dollop of elbow grease, a cup of sunshine, Bubbie’s secret family recipe generously shared, and a baking partner or two. Especially if they’re of the childhood persuasion.

Mix with giggles, taste the affection and adjust for optimum flavor, bake long enough to read poetry, cool while jitterbugging around the moon, frost using all fingers while telling funny stories. Serve to the whole family. Relish happiness.

Bake a few more. Offer to the world. Everyone deserves sweet.

That’s how you make cupcakes.


Just a thought 61


Painting of the artist’s son with Gabrielle Renard, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, courtesy Wikipedia



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  1. I’ll have to try that recipe, Shari. Happy holidays to you, in case I don’t see you before!

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  2. You made the baking of cupcakes such a beautiful thing.

    Everything in life requires the proper ingredients. And it always so much better when we mix in family and love.

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  3. sweet, sweet, sweet!


    • Only these virtual cupcakes taste so good – the ones I bake – not so much.

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      • that’s why we’re writers lol – we can make life all the more vivid 🙂 btw – am reading a fun book The Humans – have you heard of it? only mildly sci fi about an alien seeing humans thru non-human eyes.


      • I hadn’t heard about Matt Haig’s book, The Humans, so I looked it up and read the first pages – now I’ve added it to my TBR list – what a fabulous concept and it’s obvious he carries it through very well. Years ago there was a wonderful TV show called Third Rock from the Sun about a group of aliens who came to earth in human form in order to study us. It was brilliant at identifying all our foibles and poking fun at all kinds of human oddities while maintaining a respectful tone. Thanks for your recommendation, Daal. Happy Holidays to you.

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      • same to you, dear – wishing you & yours a wonderful 2019 ❤


  4. We definitely need more sweetness in the world!


  5. A deliciously lovely poem, Sharon! We do need more sweetness in this world – in our lives. 🙂


  6. This is the most wonderful recipe I come across. Yay to baking
    cupcakes. 👨‍🍳💕 .



  7. More sweetness! A sweet recipe! I loved this, Sharon.


  8. I love this. We used to do something very similar, only with cookie dough. I never got fussed about how many cookies actually got made, or if you had trouble finding them under the weight of the sprinkles.

    For Christmas this year we’re having my son and his two kids over, and we’re going to make pancakes, which is somewhat similar to your cupcake idea. Picture a gooey glass measuring cup filled with pancake batter, and me trying to figure out how to pour something that looks like a dragon for my four-year-old grandson. 🙂


    • I can absolutely picture your Christmas pancakes, Cathleen, and it sounds like so much fun and love, hardly matters what might be edible. For the dragon: big round dollop of mix for the body, a little dollop for the head, add a swish for a tail at other end, lots of smaller dollops for spikes, a few dabs for feet, cook on griddle till done. The rest is cinnamon, syrup, and fun. But you’re the dragon expert – you’ll do a great job.

      Merry Christmas to you and the family.

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  9. Sweet Sharon with sentiments that I think we could all do with more of. Lets hope many make your recipe this Christmas and they share with the world. You found a fabulous art work to go with your thought today.Renoir has captured the spirit of your poem but I guess as the parent of the child he was brimming over with love and affection for both of them.


  10. Shari,
    Your “just a thought” posts always serve up tasty treats with the fewest ingredients (my kinda recipe!)


    • Judy, you should pat yourself on the back because I started writing the Just a Thought series on your recommendation. You kept telling me that my posts were too long so I took comments from my journal and adapted them to serve as brief posts on the blog. A Just a Thought entry has to be less than 350 words, most being far shorter. So see what you started?!


  11. Really wonderful writing!! 😀


  12. Perfect recipe, Shari!! I’ve planned to bake some cookies tomorrow – wanna come and share the fun? 😉
    Love that painting by Renoir, so much visible love in this one. 😊


  13. Shari, the perfect blend for the best ever recipes! 😀 You’ve captured the magic of baking beautifully and with great poignancy. There is nothing quite like baking with the aid of an eager young helper. When my son was young this was one of our favourite activities… and who minded the mess!! 😀 Such laughter, giddiness … he’s all grown up (well, still a teenager but even so) and baking seems to have lost its lustre!


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