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Blue Succulent

Touched a succulent with lavender-blue tips

Fractal beauty. I wanted to absorb its presence

It stung me. Invisible spiny tips crown

The edges of those violet-cheek leaves

I yelped, rubbed my fingers together

Trying to dull the pain, mellow the attack


But you, you flex your thorns, and I mine

Indignant power bound with furied muscle

Maybe just brushing our bodies skin to skin

Will slough off the hackles of our tempers

As for the snappish blue succulent

I left it in its pearly pot to sulk alone


I have bled enough and so have you

Time for us to sit side by side

Pull in our prickles, expose our tender flesh

Blindly surrender into each other

Knowing the one will break the other’s fall

Such comfort in this. At hazard to love


Just  thought 64


Image courtesy Pixabay





Comments on: "Blue Succulent" (33)

  1. Wonderful write, but that last stanza was amazing. Both parties have bled enough (as lovers so often do). Yet, through all of the trials and tribulations, they can always count on one another to break a fall. Gorgeous, reassuring, touching, and tender.

    Beautifully done.

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  2. I remember when I didn’t know what a succulent was. Sigh.

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  3. Beautiful poem and thought, Shari! I especially loved the line ‘ the hackles of our temper’ – don’t ask me why but it just speaks to me. 😊
    I actually like succulents a lot and have one I call my little Hobbit – again, don’t ask me why. 😉

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  4. Jenna Barwin said:

    Your poems are so moving. I hope you consider publishing a book of them some day.


    • You are so kind to say this, Jenna. I’ve never considered myself a poet though I’ve loved reading poetry and usually read 2 – 3 every evening. Mary Oliver this week, of course. One day I may publish some of my favorite poems.


  5. such a sweet conveyance of push/pull of relationships


  6. Sharon, a beautiful poem of love. How that which pulls us apart, causing pain to oneself and each other, is yet the very element that reunites, heals us. The bittersweet of life and love touchingly portrayed.


  7. Beautifully written, Sharon, with such an apt metaphor. (Photo is also beautiful!)
    (Sorry I’m behind reading….seem to always be in catch up mode. Hope things are going well for you.)


  8. Whoa! I need to stop binge-reading your “just a thoughts”. Each one lately has been a bit overwhelming (as all powerful prose and poetry does). In a few stanzas you’ve captured the autobiography of many, too many, lives and relationships . . .
    Don’t know why exactly (may need to ponder awhile on this one) but
    “I left it in its pearly pot to sulk alone”
    hit it’s mark with me.
    P.S. I just realized why . . .story to follow


    • Now you’ve got me waiting on pins and needles. I’ll buy “story to follow?” – but how long do I have to wait? I’m not very patient, as you know.

      And, less silliness now, thank you for your lovely comment.

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  9. This is gorgeous- your imagery is just wonderful!


  10. Agree with the others. This was a wonderful poem about the beauty in love and coming together. There is much more beauty and love to be shared when we are together, even through the hard times as we lift each other up. Very well written.


  11. Truly beautiful prose.



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