Sparked by Words

Lightning and Quicksand

I thought myself a girl of pirouettes and lace

You a boy of liquid tongue and muscled limbs

We leapt across the beach at midnight

Sweeping constellations of sand into the sky

Gimlet eyed moon glinting over the ocean

Ignoring two young fools fledged by kisses


Yet we are none of these night creatures

We’re cast from lightning and quicksand

You and I ablaze with our fierce shimmer

Blinded by the sparks we see in the other

Though nearly drowned in my clay of insecurity

Jealous of your flare, my star fades at dawn


We bend our marrow to earth and sky

Tangled by our presence in the firmament

Kneel beside each other yet rise alone

Me, grounded in quicksand, awaiting the flash

Your bright burst of lightning to remind me

Lace and limbs, I cannot ascend without you


Just a thought 65


Lightning image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons





Comments on: "Lightning and Quicksand" (30)

  1. this – obliquely, but definitely – reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter’

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  2. I think I know him of ‘liquid tongue and muscled limbs’. Lovely piece.

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  3. You’re so talented, Sharon!

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  4. “liquid tongue”–gotta think on that one.

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  5. “You a boy of liquid tongue and muscled limbs.” How I wished, when in my teens, that that was me. More like a boy of cement tongue and bony limbs. Thankfully I had and still have a liquid, muscled imagination!
    Lovely poem Sharon.

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  6. .. . and I thought I “knew” all about you. . . memory or imagination . . . perhaps both?

    This needs to be submitted for publishing.


  7. Wow, so beautiful, Shari! Lightning and quicksand, two elements that can never connect!


  8. Jenna Barwin said:

    Beautiful, Sharon!

    When are you going to publish a book of poems?

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  9. This is fantastic… the words are so visual and evocative!! Love it! And yeah, “that boy” is someone many of us have met I think. And what a wonderful moment it was indeed. 😉

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  10. Absolutely beautiful!

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  11. This is truly a poem I long to see and read in a beautiful little hardcover book full of your wonderful and inspiring poems, Shari. I think you really should do such a project after having successfully published your current work. Poems have that special way to let us connect on a very different level with the writer, a subconscious one almost which is why I think so many love them.

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    • Aw, thank you, Sarah, for such a lovely comment. I never thought I could write poetry. Several years ago, a friend told me my posts were too long so I decided to try to write poetry as a way of being briefer. Then I began to post the ones I felt were decent, so your encouragement is meaningful. Poems do help us connect to our deeper feelings. For a writer, they force us to consider what is most essential. We’ll see about putting them in a book one day.

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  12. Sharon, this is my new favorite of your poems. I love every line, including the title – just beautiful, not to mention inspiring. ☺️ Makes me a bit wistful – in a good way.


  13. Al Eabqari said:

    Poetry; I like it!


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