Sparked by Words

A Gesture of Butterflies

They’ve invaded – the butterflies

Drunk on thistles, the bounty of rain

Small as half a broken egg shell

The ordained compass of Painted Ladies

Flitting o’er fields, creeks, chaparral

Darting along air flight highways,

From the Mexico-California border

Migrating to the Pacific Northwest

Be still, they approach in silence

Their mission to journey north

For the sake of their future tribe

Flounced wings, orange and charcoal

Black-eyed scales of outside pennants

Guarding the route of tiny gypsies

If only they could guard those below

The ones on knee, in chants, in prayer

What crusted his heart with toxic hate

Who gave him the bullets and the gun

How turn holy words to curse and lie,

Why assault the gates of church, temple,

Synagogue, mosque, sacred ground

The fluttering echo of God on Earth

Ravaged by a beast who never paused

To see the holy gesture of butterflies

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those who were murdered in Christchurch, New Zealand; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Charleston, South Carolina; Oak Creek, Wisconsin; and the many places of worship where innocent people have been attacked by terrorists who will not recognize the spark of God within all human life.

In honor of the innocents who were killed, I will not remember the names of the terrorists nor their hateful twist of words.


Just a thought 69


Painted Lady butterfly photos courtesy of Pixabay and Wikipedia



Comments on: "A Gesture of Butterflies" (28)

  1. A beautiful gesture, Sharon. I have no words…

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  2. I love the defiant and compassionate spirit in which you wrote this beautiful poem. Thank you, Sharon.

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  3. I just read a great children’s book by Martha Reynolds about Monarch butterflies. This is perfect!

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  4. This is a beautiful tribute, Sharon. Lovely in every way. ❤️

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  5. A beautiful ode to butterflies, Shari! Their beauty and inspiration is needed in our fallen world.

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  6. This is a very beautiful tribute to those who suffered, Shari. All our lives are as fleeting and delicate as butterfly wings – but just as beautiful too.
    I’m with you in not remembering the names of the ones responsible for all the deaths, pain and hatred. It’s worrying that that man in New Zealand plans to defend himself in court and thus will be heard.

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  7. awfulness that defies words — perhaps there’s a good metaphor in bunches of them migrating north from Mexico – called something like pink somethings?


  8. A truly moving post, Sharon. Thank you for your presence and your voice in this world.


  9. This is beautiful. Thank you so much Sharon.


  10. Incredible writing, beautiful tribute


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