Sparked by Words

Employment Opportunity

Doughy, dumpy, and droopy but dauntless and otherwise technically inept woman seeks readers willing to look beyond her physical features and miserable mechanical skills to read her words.


Are you willing to consider the qualities that make you look beyond surface rubble for the luminous interior?


Apply within your own counsel.



Just a Thought 74



Painting Old Woman Reading by Yehuda Pen courtesy Wikimedia Commons



Comments on: "Employment Opportunity" (21)

  1. Jenna Barwin said:

    You made me smile.

    I know you don’t follow Twitter, but I tweeted!

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  2. I used to work with a man who was naturally gifted at selecting our lifeguard candidates for pool management. He saw their potential at times when I couldn’t. Love this perspective, Shari.

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  3. What does it pay?

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  4. Good chuckle to start the morning with πŸ™‚


  5. Count me in! πŸ˜€


  6. Love the humour and the juxtaposition of a Want Ad with the painting! Really made me do a double take – and then consider this very weighty issue of image & perception; certainly food for thought!


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