Sparked by Words



What slips from my pen is thoughtful, measured

What slips from my mouth – too often damned vile


Words scattered like seeds borne on wind

Feathers from the pillow

Oil from the jar


The pain in your eyes

The hurt on your face


If only I could redact half of what I say

Even then the world would still be too

Full of loathsome remark


The counterweight to an evil tongue is not apology

But silence before speaking


Here I offer my best effort


Please accept my measured words



Just a thought 75


Photograph courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



Comments on: "Slippage" (26)

  1. … read and received in a slippery sort of way

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  2. Oh gosh, our mouths get us into trouble sometimes.

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  3. Words of wisdom, Shari. I am often silent just in time!

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  4. Your next career – Hallmark cards – because you care enough to write your very best.

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  5. This is powerful indeed… and so true… the fact that we can even speak with our hands via typing adds even another layer of potential disaster. Yet, I say… speak on until something comes out just right! 😉 💕Like your post today, for example.

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    • The blunders I’ve made because of my sloppy typing – yikes! Thank you, Charlie, for your kind comment about this poem.

      Your posts make me think, sometimes to smile, sometimes to reflect. You really are an excellent writer, your fingers obeying a fluid mind.

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      • That’s truly the sweet compliment ever! Thanks, Sharon! 😃💕I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid… that was actually my first and only dream. Yet, I always thought I wasn’t that talented when it came to writing. I dodged it, got an art degree instead, and still worried that I wasn’t that good at art. Today, I’m just happy to be combining it all and letting whatever happens… happen. 😉

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      • I’ve noticed that many people who are talented in one field, are also creative in another. I’d always intended to be a writer but got sidetracked with art and began a masters in studio art while I taught art classes. Off and on I’d write, and got somewhat serious nearly 20 years ago. Now I’m trying to get my writing published but am distracted by other obligations. Life doesn’t travel in a straight line. Your last line says it perfectly.

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      • Yeah, life takes a rather circuitous path, but it’s true that we creative people have the potential to do just about anything we put our minds to. If we only had the time to do so, it would be incredible! 😉

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  6. Ugh — I’ve so often been guilty of regretting what I’ve said or the conclusion I’ve jumped to — so well captured here, Sharon


  7. Very true about the counterweight being silence and not an apology. As they say – silence is golden. Wish I could keep my mouth shut in time more often. 😊


  8. Sharon, I could relate to this…. (Thinking of all the times I’ve put my foot in my mouth, or have spoken too soon.) Thanks for sharing this one. 😊


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