Sparked by Words


The soles of my feet, my bared knees and forehead

Bend to the earth as do the strands of my hair

Trailing over my cheeks


The one good thing about being brought so low

Is not my humility, proofed by drops of my blood

Pooling in the dirt


But that I am left only one direction for movement

May the One Who abides in the High Heavens

Help me to rise


If I am unseen, ignored, or even abandoned

Perhaps I will be lifted by atonement of my sins

The flood of my tears


Sighted by bugs and spiders in their native land

No others will witness my remorse or their toil

More holy than mine


Just a thought 77


Painting Africa Landscape courtesy Pixabay






Comments on: "Trespass" (29)

  1. Best not rise too far, lest that be mistaken for getting above oneself. Just a thought.

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  2. Well now I’m depressed. Sigh.

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  3. Beautiful painting and beautiful poem, if a bit melancholy. But that’s what art is about-expression and communication of those things that are difficult to say in everyday conversation.

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  4. Sharon, you paint a vivid picture of sadness and helplessness with your
    beautiful poem. The only way is up now. The picture is so tranquil and
    harmonious. Great compliments to each other.


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  5. Shari,
    Reading above the lines . . . so powerful and knowing that God never abandons. No matter the despair of your mind nor the bent of your body your soul always soars beyond these confines. ANOTHER SHARI-mind-blowing expression , , , literally, figuratively and spiritually.

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    • Thank you, Judy. Some readers find this one depressing. I was a bit down when I wrote it so I appreciate that you were able to see beyond the surface.


      • So sorry you’ve been “down” cuz down ain’t fun.

        The surface is almost always deceptive – like the ocean, there’s a whole lotta life under those waves. I know when I try to stay afloat swallowing all that water isn’t tasty. Just make sure your oxygen tank is full before the deep diving . .
        (forgive all the metaphoring . . .too early in the a.m. and my body wants to go back to bed, the left side of my brain is asleep)


      • Your metaphors are wonderful, Judy, you gave me a grin. I got up for a drink of water, turned on the computer, and am going to crawl back to bed. You’re right – too early!


  6. Hope life has improved since you penned this one and things are looking more optimistic. Beautifully expressed and paired with the artwork.


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    • You know what it’s like when a bunch of awful events pile up – thank you, I’m moving forward. You and Ben are dealing with your own toppled world – we find the right side up eventually.


  7. So beautiful and so scriptural.I can totally picture one of those Old Testament dudes, with a long beard and worn sandals, picking up a scroll and reading this. And then he’d say something like, “I totally get this.”

    Lovely work, as always. : )

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  8. Wonderful & not depressing at all — comforting that we are all human, with our ups & downs yet striving…


  9. As I read this I do hope your life has improved and you are now standing up and in that place you deserve to be, among the flowers and bathed in warmth


  10. Wonderful writing! And I love your painting pick as well 🙂


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