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Passover 2020

I speak of faith but do not beg for miracles

I speak of love but will not touch your face

I speak of hope but do not plead for proof

I speak of justice but do not offer verdicts

I speak of atonement but do not loudly weep

I speak of rebirth but fear to fully submerge

I speak of belief but cannot imagine the light

I speak of future but do not count on dreams

I speak of redemption but do not feel its weight

I speak of rage but do not whisper its name

pharaoh slavery despair covid

Shema Shema Shema Shema


I speak of children but now my voice falters

How can I speak of children

Through the lens of this plague

I speak of love I speak of hope

I speak of justice I speak of atonement

I speak of rebirth I speak of belief

I cannot speak of future without a howl of rage

I speak of faith and I yearn for miracles

Redemption not for me

Redemption for the children

pharaoh slavery despair covid

Shema fervently Shema silently Shema chanted Shema forever and ever and ever




Just a thought 78


Artwork by Harriete Estel Berman, For the Child Who is Unable to Inquire, Thou Shalt Explain the Whole Story of Passover (Seder plate), courtesy of:






Comments on: "Passover 2020" (30)

  1. I feel your grief, Sharon.

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  2. Jacqui Murray said:

    This is an unprecedented time, Shari. We will get through it. Stay strong.

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  3. Jenna Barwin said:

    Well said.

    Tweeted & shared.

    Happy Passover!

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  4. Very moving and powerful, Sharon. Beautifully written from the depths of heartache. Am feeling it too….

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  5. So nice to see your words, Shari, however sad. Happy Passover to you and yours!

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    • Thank you, Terri. It was a very unusual first night seder – our two sons and their families gathered via FaceTime, 3 locations, but it worked. We all got to see each other and that was much fun. Hope you and yours have a safe but meaningful Easter.

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  6. I feel your rage and your hope, your despair and your faith, Shari. We feel it all I think, and as you said – no one is spared which is what terrifies us the most. That and that we can’t stop wondering how and when this will all end, and how our world will look afterwards. Wishing you and your family a Happy Passover and hope you can make the most of it! ❤

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    • Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I wrote this in about 10 minutes and spent another 10 changing a few words. Usually I work on poem for days or will even put it aside and come back months later. But this one was just there, wailing, in my first keystrokes.

      I wish you a Happy Easter and hope it is for the whole world. Spring Bunny still looking at me with her happy face!

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  7. Sharon, your emotions are palpable in your beautiful words…

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    • Thank you. It was a very difficult holiday this year, and I’m certain Easter was as well for those who celebrate.

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      • When New Year’s arrived, I felt 2020 would be a good year, just the sound of it was inspiring. Then things changed in a manner no one would’ve predicted. I pray things calm down soon, but not too soon to cause a second wave. Sigh…have a good evening.


      • I was planning to take my entire family, both sons and their wives and their four children to Hawaii for a week this June. First and only time I’d been able to put together a family vacation of this magnitude. Those plans are dashed and we don’t know if we’ll be able to go next year or never. But still, we are all healthy, well fed, and safely in our homes. My heart aches for people who are ill, whose loved ones have died, whose businesses have closed, who are haunted by this strange predicament. Wishing good health to you and your family, Lauren.

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      • It’s too bad your trip won’t happen, but as you said, we’re all healthy and safe. And my heart aches for all the same reasons. The whole thing is still incomprehensible. Wishing you and yours all the same. 💕


  8. only seeing this now, Sharon – so glad you’re back – hope your Passover was a healthy one ❤


    • Thank you, Daal. Healthy but very strange. Our sons FaceTimed with us, all of us getting our Passover dinners ready. Was so much fun to see the kids participating, even the very little ones, but I miss them so much.
      I’ve been enjoying the Persian festivities on your blog, rich with family, culture, and meaning.


  9. Absolutely wonderful writing. It’s been a tough year, but I hope staying strong ❤


  10. “I speak of rebirth I speak of belief

    I cannot speak of future without a howl of rage”
    Heart broken. Heart open. ❤️


    • Thank you, E. When I wrote this, I could not imagine we would be plunged so deeply in this crisis, floundering without leadership. And I was terrified I would never see my grandchildren again.

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      • None of us saw this coming. You’ll see your grand kids again. I have it on good authority a viable vaccine is just around the corner. Hang tight.


      • The older two live nearby, we’ve seen them several times. Not allowed to hug or kiss, but to be near is good enough. I stayed with the younger two for three weeks in October – their parents needed help and we were able to work it out as safely as possible. Still, I grieve for all those who are lost and their families left behind.


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