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Whisper Me Full


It’s wonderful to clean out possessions piled throughout the house. Tchotchke collections, incomplete china sets, discarded toys, forgotten chairs, clothing for another climate, artwork better suited to other walls, too many mugs and candles, games not played in twenty years, purses I’ll never carry again, unopened gifts, things I had to have but never used.  Everything given away.

The house now filled with empty space, I hear their memories whisper stories to me. Remember when. And so I do.


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This Season


A time to notice the stranger and a time to acknowledge our neighbor

A time to bridle words for desire and a time to examine language for equity

A time to destroy that which is scornful and a time to create beauty

A time to excise the profane and a time to honor the sacred

A time to expose corruption and a time to aspire to holiness

A time to look in the mirror and weep and a time to look at others and see

A time to distinguish one from the other and a time to know our own faults


There is a season

And the season is always



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Balm is not love nor even understanding. Love is an act in which we choose to engage. Understanding is the obligation of being human. Balm is inclusion. Inclusion is the soothing peace from which we all benefit, one hand extended to another, all hands linked, around the world, around the world and back again.

Around the world into the future.



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Painting detail, Hands of God and Adam from Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel



May you find your life as abundant as the stars in heaven, may you share your wealth with others, may others invite you into their embrace, and may all of us reap the bounty of a plentiful harvest of health, hope, happiness, and hearth.


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Sand or Honey


Even the most momentous creation – a whale or a love affair – begins with a tiny drop of something elemental – sand or honey – and is complete only when the final bit – a fluke or a splinter – slips into the right place.



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A Writer’s Currency


Sixth grade. One (first) plane trip, two states, three schools, four languages if you count Pidgin English. (Also Yiddish and French class.) One border of the country to the other, from the American edge of the Atlantic to the middle of the Pacific, and a cultural shift of unfathomable dimension.

Saddle shoes to bare feet, blizzards to tropical breezes, bobby pins to leis, oak trees to plumeria, chicken stew to saimin soup, social inclusion to misfit. The threat of hurricanes, the threat of tsunamis, the crash of waves in Atlantic City, the gentle surf of Honolulu.

Tears, joy, loss, promises, farewell, aloha. All in a day, all in a very long day and into the dark and fragrant night.

That ought to make you unsteady on your feet. It sure as hell did me.

No paradise for me but currency for a writer.

Remembered about the years 1959 – 1960 of moving from New Jersey to Hawaii.



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Painting: Tiger in a Tropical Storm, Henri Rousseau, 1891, courtesy



At the beginning and the end of all the grief of loss of someone we love, whether to death or to Alzheimer’s, is a need to figure out how to go on living for those of us left behind.

First to rage.

Next to pray.

Then to forgive.

Finally to turn the earth for a garden.



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Memory of the Garden at Etten by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888, courtesy Wikimedia