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The Alphabet of a New Blog

??????????????????????????????I own about a dozen children’s alphabet books, from the lavishly illustrated On Market Street by Anita and Arnold Lobel, featuring people created of objects of the letter they represent, to G is for Golden by Pam Carroll and David Domeniconi, highlighting the wonders of California where I live. I’m capable of singing the alphabet in the famous Twinkle Star melody or speaking it with dramatic inflection, proof that I’ve learned all the letters in the correct order. Ah, the glory of achievement at a skill well executed. Enchanted with the dependable sequence of the alphabet and the architectural structure of individual letters, I’ve decided to employ English runes to describe the experiences of a blog devoted to writing. My goal is to share strategies, conundrums, and discoveries with you, my writing partners, inspired letter by letter. We’ll resolve our problems, exult over our successes, and nudge each other to finish our books.

Every Thursday I’ll post a new alphabet article, so tune in on August 15 to read about the letter A. (Hmm, bet it’s not A is for Apple.) At the very least, in about half a year we’re all assured of knowing the alphabet in correct order.