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Open Heart

End the argument with a slammed door, the house will crumble

Turn away with a shrug, we will speak again

Face disappointment with clenched fists, the fury will resume

Share thoughts with open palms, we will be friends again

Stitch a broken heart with regret, the wound will fester

Mend it with self-examination, we will love again


Our wedding certificate was sealed with fading ink

But our hearts beat like the first time we saw each other

Our journey canted through unknown territories

Though we planned on traveling together always

We spoke in rage, acted from frustration, stomped with fear

Please meet me for coffee, I want to give it another chance

I know your name as it is also mine


Just a thought 29


Painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt



We argue with ourselves all the time. May the better part of us be victorious. I argue with others all the time. May the better part of me be silent.


Just a thought, 4


Painting courtesy Dionis Baixeras, Knitting, 1888, Google Images Wikimedia Commons