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Hide and Seek

This is not a tale for those who flinch at the R rating on some films. It’s about an incident that may make you blush, make you angry, make you question my taste in writing it. It props open the window about where I glean my tales and is meant as instructive insight. Just a warning: be attentive about what you read, what you show the kids. This may be rated R but it may be instructive about how we harvest stories from life’s true labors. (more…)

Me Speak Truth

Fifty years ago this month President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in full view of the citizens of Dallas, Texas, and the American Camelot crumbled. This past summer we observed the fiftieth commemoration of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech, and the Civil Rights Movement soared. Two years ago marked the tenth anniversary of 9-11 when this country was brought to its knees.

We meet the remembrance of each of these events by asking, “Where were you when you when it happened? Do you remember?” And then we tune in to others, especially to those with marquee names, as if we can’t trust our own memories. (more…)