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No, no post today, no time to write.

I’m too busy shoveling snow from the driveway. It’s the end of December, you know.

Oh wait, I’m an idiot. I’m not shoveling snow. I live in California.

Fires raged in Northern California in October and in Southern California (where I live) through December.

Family and friends and strangers in both regions worried and were evacuated, some more than once.

Family and friends and strangers suffered from the ash and smoke in the air, their health injured.

People died, trying to escape, unable to escape. Animals died.

Homes, businesses, historic land, native acreage, all consumed by flames.

People died.

The future is not assured.

No, I’m not shoveling snow.

I’m hoping for, pleading for, rain.

My final request for 2017:

Rain, please. Just rain.





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Rainstorm over the Sea painting by John Constable, circa 1928