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Quiet Time

To my followers,

My blog is going to be silent for a while, maybe as long as a month.

Please don’t worry and please don’t think I’m disinterested in you, dear friends.

You are the folks who make me want to maintain a blog, after all.

There are personal issues I must take care of, and they need lots of time.

Stop thinking the worst – not a divorce, severe illness, or criminal acts. I haven’t joined the army, a nunnery, or the circus.

Also, not the excitement of a round the world vacation or an excursion on SpaceX – they begged, but I had to turn them down.

And sadly, not (yet) launching the publication of my book.

In other words, something I can’t discuss here.

I will not be able to regularly follow your blog posts either, though I’ll pop in once in a while.

I’ll return soon as I can, to writing my blog, to following yours.

Till then, be healthy, stay active, and be involved with the things that make you breathe deeply and exhale joyfully. (Yeah, I know, not supposed to use adverbs. Meh.)

Love to all,




Painting A Lady Writing by Johannes Vermeer, 1665