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As long as one person still lives, this moment can’t be all there is to life. As companion to God, one person can repair the world, one person can save the world, one person can create the world, and one person can guarantee the future. Understand – I am the one person on whom God depends. So are You.



Just a Thought 13



Image Earth from space courtesy: NASA


The Silent Wail of the Callow Heart

One cannot measure another’s pain

No one can tell why the stranger

Wakes sobbing in the tomb of night

Swerves, driving, distracted with grief, and kills

Beats a loved one swollen, senseless

Shrieks words no ear was ever meant to audit

We, the witness, perhaps the victim

Hear only plaintiff screams of nightmare

See staggered desolation of auto accident

Daub bloody welts and bruises of injured flesh

Calm sobs and whimpers that breach our space (more…)