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I’m Blushing a Bit Here

I’ve been nominated by Sandra whose blog, Notes on a Spanish Valley

always inspires me, for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and am tickled by her recognition. Thank you, Sandra. If you aren’t yet familiar with her blog, you’ll be pleased to make it a regular read. In fact, you’ll get addicted rather quickly. Recipes, Spanish lessons, photographs of her Spanish paradise, stories about her life in rural Andalucia.

Here are the guidelines for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award to follow:

  1. All recipients need to thank the giver.
  2. Post 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated. (Yeah, I nominated 8 people – when there’s wealth, you have to acknowledge it!)
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog. (I tried to attach the image of the award here, but I couldn’t do it successfully. See note at bottom of this post.)

Seven things you might like to know about me:

  1. I’m having a hard time finding anything at all about myself that’s really interesting. Whatever is of merit about me is in my books.
  2. I’m a dedicated teacher but there is always more to learn. Love working with kids. (Was an art teacher for more than 25 years, have also worked in a commercial art studio. Teaching is much more rewarding and honest. To see a child’s face light up when they’ve achieved something challenging – that is the best!)
  3. Each new thing I learn informs me there are 100 more I should learn about. I’m trying. The world is full of wonderful history, and people everywhere are interesting and unique.
  4. Enjoy attending author’s reading events. Listening to other writers talk about their books and their writing journeys – always fascinating.
  5. Could spend every day at a museum, art museums especially, but almost any kind of museum will hold my attention. I wander for hours, sucking in everything I can.
  6. Love doing all kinds of cultural things, going to fairs, farmers’ markets, craft shows, music events, live theater, but even more so with a friend or family member.
  7. I read, read, read, and worry there isn’t enough time to read everything I want to read. And someday, I will publish, publish, publish!

These are the eight bloggers I’m nominating for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. All of them write blogs I love to follow. Please check them out for yourself. Congratulations to each of you – you make it worthwhile to open my computer every day.


Jacqui Murray offers an entire course for writers, and it’s free. What you don’t know, you’ll find out on her blog. A wealth of information that you need!

How the Cookie Crumbles

Tess is smart, witty, and no nonsense. In her word: irreverent. She keeps you thinking and laughing.

Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

Audrey Rose writes about a world filled with family and lovely experiences and makes an adventure out of everything she does.


Suzie claims she is not a professional writer or photographer but her take on the world is charming and perfect. You’ll love following her life across the pond with The Bloke, the cats, and the kids in the band.

    Margaux’s Pen

Margaux writes all kinds of posts about writing, including book reviews and an informative word-of-the-day.


Melanie (sureasmel) writes insightful posts about the art of writing and about her personal writing experiences. She teaches college students and her take on the problems writers have often addresses the issues she sees with them.

CoffeeGrounded’s Blog

This lovely and loving woman has been through a harrowing experience and come through it with her soul and mind intact. She’s photographer, baker, and story teller. Warning: don’t read her blog when you’re really hungry.

Mrs Holder’s Legacy

Yakinamac was advised by Mrs. Holder not to pursue writing and thank heaven, she is doing exactly what she wants, which is to thumb her nose at Mrs Holder and pursue writing!  Yay for her, I want her to succeed! You’ll love her posts.


I’m such a klutzy blogger that it’s likely you will have some difficulty clicking on the links to get them to take you to the blogs I’ve recommended. Please take a few seconds to write the site info in your browser in order to visit these sites – I promise you, every one is well worth the visit and you’ll return for more.

I’m also unlikely to be able to attach the award button as required. You can see it on Notes on a Spanish Valley on her post titled Muchas Gracias, December 2013.

Ugh! Again, I’m very frustrated with the site – don’t know if it’s WordPress fault or mine, but I wrote this post in Times New Roman and the site changed it to this nonsense.  Please forgive me but do visit the other blogs I’ve mentioned.