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First Laugh

First laugh

Pierces morning’s vault

Splits the full belly of sky

As stars plunge through clouds

Light shatters, hot grease on ice

And skitters into cosmos

A billion shrieks ascend –

That rare –

First laugh


First touch

Sets fire to forest

Ignites trees from roots to limbs

As leaves crush against the earth

Birds abandon nests too hot to mind

And flit toward ashen boughs

A million fingers flex –

That flame –

First touch


First kiss

Blisters sleeping lips

Allures harbored secrets of young

As touch lifts the wedding veil

To expose the modest heart

Breaching limbs shiver in heat

A thousand hairs tremble –

That raw –

First kiss


First love

Sears frugal thoughts

Swells the full bore of self

As the private two of them blend

Vows freeze, all oaths suspend

And promises collapse in shreds

A single spark of bliss –

That lone –

First love