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J is for Journal Your Way to Authentic Detail

My mom gave me my first diary when I was nine years old, a birthday present that promised immortality for my brilliant observations of the world. It had a bubble gum pink vinyl cover with a picture of a teenager sitting on the floor, her body arched into a V, her legs scissoring into the air, toes pointed like a ballerina’s. She wore black Capri slacks, a white blouse with the shirt tails knotted across her waist, and a pink scarf tied around her throat. She held a black telephone handset in one hand and wrapped the serpentine cord around the other. Her dark brown pony tail flipped out in a curl. I, who wasn’t allowed more than a minute or two on the phone once in a while, could never figure out who she was talking to, but it was certainly someone more popular than I. (more…)