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Two Sides at Least

When a child and lunging toward mountains, I discovered flowers and stones before my feet. Mastering complex steps when older, I treasure the grace of careful movement.

When a teen and eager to learn, I studied the arguments shielding controversial subjects. Seeking altruistic backbone as an adult, I find everything is controversial.

When a young adult and passionate about equality, I judged extreme behaviors defensible. Heeding a mature outlook as an adult, I note the value of balance.

When a woman with children to shelter, I protected all young with smothering embrace. Knowing the gain of doing for oneself, I consign experience a better defender.

Now a senior still trying to found my estate, I deplore the minor output I’ve borne. Trying to repair my early errors, I quake at the new ones assembling.

How little I’ve learned, how few the tasks completed, how long a journey yet to trek, how brief the time to travel, but this I finally fathom:

There are two sides at least, though now I can see three.



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