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Enter the dark space. Open your eyes. If you can’t find a candle, look for the light inside you. Consider what you find. Make adjustments. Welcome the new and wondrous. Watch the glow expand.

Now you can see everything.



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Candle image courtesy Wikimedia Commons




Waiting for the Light

A horizon line is an error of our vision. Still, we plod determinedly toward it. We reach it in our imaginations, then move again. It’s the forward movement that transforms it – and us. Closing our eyes makes it real.

But open your eyes today, behind your special protective glasses, about 10:00 a.m. if you’re on the West Coast. Watch the solar eclipse, performed especially for the United States. If one thing can unite this savage country in a peaceful moment, let it be all eyes peering toward the heavens, each of us somewhat in the dark, holding hands, breathless with wonder, waiting for light to reach us again.

Waiting for the light.


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