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M is for Main Character’s Presence

A book pivots so forcefully on its main characters that we sometimes remember them more than the plot. I begin this post with descriptions of two characters. At the end, you must identify the stories in which they play a leading role. Because it’s a quiz, I decline to name them but instead present them in their quirky glory.

The first is a young woman who eats her morning granola poured over with rum while she talks about her latest romantic conquest. The second is a man who walks around in red lace women’s panties, not because he is gay or bi or trans, but because he likes the silken feeling against his skin. You know these two memorable characters, I’m sure.

Here then in no order at all are some of the book characters I find most memorable.


The Cat from The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. So naughty and so unpredictable, audacious in his red striped hat and lopsided bow tie, the Cat is a trickster who finds all kinds of things to turn upside down and spread throughout the house in flagrant disorder, making a mess that mother will not like. And he chatters endlessly in verse. Who wouldn’t let the Cat into the house on a boring rainy day?