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Still Here, After All This Time

Hello dear friends and patient followers. I’ve been gone nearly a month, far longer than I thought when I asked your indulgence to take care of personal things. All is well. Not wearing an ankle bracelet or diving in dumpsters. Have just been dealing with circumstances, many of them good, some wonderful and amazing, that needed my immediate attention.

If you’re curious about why I stopped writing for a bit, please go to Today’s Author and look for the article, Waiting at the End of Time, which will post within the next 20 days. It explains why I’ve been gone so long. (In the meantime, other posts by other authors at that site might interest you.) If you don’t have the time to blog jump right now, I’ll re-post my article in a few weeks right here.

My regular posts on Mondays and Thursdays will resume on November 11, 2013. Thank you for following me. Life is exciting and amazing. I’m so very lucky to have you here, reading my blog.